Monday, 12 October 2009

Con Carson

Well I finally got to shoot with Con last week, I had a booking and decided to head down early. It was actually such a freaking amazing experience getting to work with him. I dont think Con realises just how respected he is, hes the best studio owner I have ever met. Soo friendly and always willing to lend a hand and offer advice.

He basically told me to bring holdups and shoes..
Then told me to add what I want so I went for my new fave hat and a latex dress.


He was force feeding me, Ive been too busy to eat recently so he made me have a chippy lol. Nice and bloated for Mr John H lol

Cheers Con for all you do
Love you dude



  1. Loooove the new images and I agree! Con has no idea just how respected he is and whilst his studio might not be the most "glamourous" in the world he gives so many people the oppertunity to break into modeling and photography and always offers a friendly face and plenty of advice.

  2. Yey your totally right,
    I remember my first shoot was in there. 2 years ago now and he showed me soo much warmth from behind that office door (I was too shy to go in). Now Im straight in there kicking off my shoes and having a fag. I cant imagine going into contrast and not being greeted by his big smiley face!