Thursday, 15 October 2009

Digital Photographer

Well just a little up-date.

Last week I had a surprising text from Dave Mc. Basically saying that one of his images of me was published in Digital photographer this month (Issue 88) - There was a feature on long exposure and Dave was one of the experts explaining how he does what he does, well done to him for the feature. Considering I have a habit of getting nude all the time being published with my wonderbra on in a magazine which you can pick up in most newsagents was a big thing for me!

Heres a picture of me with it, Look I even pointed to the image which is me..

here it is here

So yeah, thanks to Dave for taking it and making one of my little dreams come true.

Ive also been playing about with my camera recently yippeee..

Right thats about it


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