Monday, 12 October 2009

I'm not crazy, Im just a little unwell :(

Ok now its time for the biggie, well I had a mad wednesday and managed somehow to fit in 3 shoots. Im currently in bed, not feeling 100% and had to cancel my trip to Manchester which is shit but the last thing I want is to get all the way down there and have to cancel on people. Luckily everyone so far has been fantastic when I have explained.

Ok heres the updates, if I vanish offline for a few days then presume im icky sicky.

Thanks to Simon and Ally for such an awesome morning/afternoon. We shot at the cottage and the farm house. Im sure I said it elsewhere but it was soo freaking awesome getting the experience of working with the opposite sex topless. Its somehing Ive wanted to do for a long time, Ally is fantastic to work with and I am soo comfortable around him its unreal. So on that note if anyone wants to book us together then send me a message.

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