Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Pretty early Spooky night

Well I know its a bitty early but Craig was up yesterday and we went over to one of our locations with a few pumpkins, a witches hat and a camera.

This is the first image showing what we got up to!
was bloody freezing yesterday but im glad I went out, I apologise again for my less than chirpy last blog update. Today I am on top of the world again yey! I managed to lift my spirits a bit yesterday.

This week should be a good one, went into town today and forgot everything I went into town to do. Met Rory for lunch though which was cool. Friday Im shooting hopefully if the rain stays off and on Sunday im going out with Si to create some colourful naked stuff.

Im REALLY looking forward to my Aberdeen trip, the apartment is gorgeous and the photographer whos booked to shoot me in it should get some really awesome pictures from the night.

Still got the Sunday free, waiting back to hear from a few people though. Ach I wont compain too much if I have the sunday off but it would be nice to fit in one more booking seeing as I will be up that way anyway.
adios you gorgeous people!!

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