Monday, 19 October 2009

Its just not my week!!

Ok so this week has been utterly rubbish, there has been good points but I think the bad out-weighs the good. Heres the run-down -

I will start with the bad -

I have not shot in over a week and its killing me,
was ment to be in the highlands for 3 days but person taking me cancelled on me because of car,
so I had to cancel a shoot I had booked up there,
the photographer up north now hates my guts and isnt being very nice about it,
was ment to be meeting Craig McGuire for lunch today - he cancelled on me.
People are beginning to stress me out and I want to go into hiding but cant afford a holiday..
I have to pay my N.I and cant afford it
I have to pay 2 other bills and cant afford it.
The power of pressing the 'pause' button for my bills doesnt work..
The Tax Credits people have been messing me about fantastically ..
royal mail isnt helping the communications between me and tax credit people..
My hairs a mess, I got an allergy to something so my legs look kinda crappy.
I spilt curry on a winning euro lottery ticket.. worried about it for hours
I have a shoot later this week but knowing the weather it will end up being added to the list of cancellations...

Ok now for the good points -
Tesco accepted the winning ticket so I got my share of £42
I had a lovley time camping on Friday over at glencoe,
popped in to see David Hunt, was great seeing him again :-)
One of my pictures won OMP - showcase picture of the day
Im still happy about being published
Visited Nana yesterday and the fun fair and won a teddy.
I have a shoot later this week... (fingers crossed)

I thought I had already blogged on my shoot from a couple of weeks ago with Demetrios Drystellas but looks like I forgot - or when browsing back through my updates I somehow missed his which would have been stupid of me so ive attached a couple of images which Demetrios shot of me, hes such a wicked person and a joy to work with!

For someone to swear more than me it really is an achievement.

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  1. awww sorry to hear you've had a crappy week *hugs*