Monday, 5 September 2011

Working with others!! - Katy Cee

I do have other things which I really should blog about first but I am attempting to clear my backlog of things which need blogging about so here goes!

I could put literally hundreds of images up with this post from my recent shoot with Carl Grim and Katy Cee (or Pectin depending on what neck of the woods you know her from) but I will try not to :D

Like I said in my last blog which mentioned this shoot it was a fantastic experience, I know I'm not exactly a newbie at modelling anymore (although sometimes I do feel it) I must say that to work with a model who is as experienced and talented as Katy is was an honour for me. I do tend to hide away a little up in Scotland and there are not very many models up here so duo shoots are not the "norm" for me.  My new saying is "the only thing better than 1 art nude model is 2" and I believe when Katy and I came together that really was the case.

Working with other models really does make you move that little bit more, its  great learning experience. You not only have to think about what your own body is doing in relation to the grand scheme of things but how it works overall with your partner, then when you are in the studio you have to be more aware of where the lighting is falling as to not shadow over the person you are posing alongside.

First up is some outside shots, in the pissing rain.
I did have a plan of action but not being able to find the "plan" in the forest kind of messed up the overall plan so we settled for doing some nymphs in the woodland which actually (and thankfully turned out well).

The deep greens worked wonderfully with Katy and I's porcelain skin - its amazing to find another model who is as pale as I am. I used to dream that my freckles would all join together to give me a wonderful tan but now I really would never want that to happen - mainly because I see now my freckles are more orange than brown and secondly because I love how light skin photographs in some of the locations I visit.

Some duo nudes -

I have to admit I was slightly nervous about working with Katy, she is a dancer and dancers poses are always elegant and bendy. I only wish I could bend around like Katy does, she makes it look effortless but having worked with her I can tell you its anything but effortless she put in so much work and like me gritted our teeth when the rain was pouring and the wind was blowing!

I have to say again on here thanks to Carl for booking Katy and I together and taking such wonderful shots of our day, I will never forget it and I hope we are both booked together in the future *hint for anyone reading*!


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