Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 2 with Carl Grim!

 Yes i realise this is very picture heavy :D I guess we have to thank Carl for that..
I may not be going out shooting much at the moment but when I do go out I defiantly make the most of it. This was a random day when Carl and I just headed off in the car in one direction and hoped for the best that we would find some locations to shoot in - As you can see from the images we did!

 The next 3 were shot at the queens view I think it was called.. Lucky it was so early in the morning before the tourists were out of their campers in the carpark :D

Also just a note to say I'm going to be in Englandshire next month from the 24th of October for 1 weeks.
I will be visiting - Leeds, Birmingham, Winchester, Reading & Nottingham. I have dates still available in Leeds and Winchester so if you are around either city and fancy showing me around your awesome scenery or have me dance about in a studio please get in touch!

Much love xxxxx

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