Saturday, 28 March 2009

Website and Goodbye....

Well I thought I would up-date before I bugger off again :-)

Paul made me my own site yippeee, I totally love it.

I was hoping to upload a couple of new pictures from a shoot I had last week but still not got them back yet.

I'm off to Glasgow tomorrow until friday, as part of Pauls birthday I booked us into a nice hotel for a few nights. So it should be nice, hes got a couple of shoots this week. I did mention to a couple of my photographers I would be in Glasgow though so I may end up coming back with some pictures yey. On friday I am leaving Glasgow and going straight up to the Isle of Skye with Simon until Monday the 6th. I wont have internet at all during that time which will be kinda crap but Im sure I will survive. Ive always loved Skye so it will be amazing to get some shit hot nudes while I am up there :-) plus I choose where we are staying, no 5* hotels or even 4*. A few years ago I was "ruffin it" on a weekend trip to skye, stayed in a building that was like a shed (was part of a hostel) I remember looking out and seeing these funky looking wigwams and wishing I was staying in one of them, so thats where we are going. Shared toilets and stuff though which might be an issue for me but like I said to Simon - we are in the middle of nowhere, I can pee in a forest :-)

Anyways... Until the 6th :-)


Monday, 23 March 2009

2 days location nudes with Simon Pole

Well my bestest buddy in the land and I have recently had to days where we have went out and done some location nudes together. Just got them back and really love them..

We are heading up to the Isle of Skye in a couple of weeks for a long weekend of photographic fun so really looking forward to that, cant wait to get some of the landscapes up there alongside me! yippeeeee

Artpunk - Day 6

Ok I know I got confused before, but bugger it im still going...

Last day now :-)

Spent loads of it outside in the sunshine, decided it would be funny to wash fozzies old car in glamour tacky cheesy style :-) think we pulled it off pretty well, when we done some nudes :D

Artpunk - Day 5

Almost done...

We never shot on day 7 so only this one and day 6 to go you will be glad to hear :P

I think Im getting confused with days here but never mind..
Its hard to keep track of what I had done that week...

Artpunk - Day 4

The day we went from one style to the opposite end of the scale, me chilling out with next to no makeup on in my cosy jumper then at night sexing things up a little with my hair all wet with oil and stockings on :-)

Artpunk - Day 3

And now for day 3 :D

Nudes with everything we could find.. this was soo much fun, I just grabbed everyhat in the studio and posed with it. Also done some pretty stuff in a pretty floaty pink dress too...

Artpunk - Day 2

Well heres the second day..

We done some latex in the kitchen (was good fun). Ive only really had one piece of latex clothing before, and that ended up melting because I left it too close to the heater eeek. This dress by anatomic bomb was bloody amazing, fit like a glove and felt soo amazing on too :D

Oh yeah, then I went for a bath and told Paul to come and shoot me while I was in there haha

Artpunk - Day 1

Easier to post everything we done in days rather than in one massive blog.
I've still not managed to figure out how to play about with images even though both Adam and Simon tried to help me out so I will do it the only way I know how (even though it seems like a lot of messing about)

We started playing about with torches and I had to give my 2 new tutus a little airing, then we done some nudes too :D

Fozzies cat "Muse" even got in on the art nude posing :P

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Home sweet home :D

Well I survived my week and 2 days away..

Although my body is showing tell tale signs of too much sunshine (sunburned) and the doodles Fozzie was drawing on me last night. Just out the shower, had mud up my legs and on my feet from a shoot today with SimonP! He came to my rescue because other buggers damn let me down so in return for him being my driver we sone some pictures on the way home.. Looking forward to seeing the results *and the results from last weekends shoot with him!

Got home to an e-mail from David Sams with some pictures from the shoot I done with him and Sian earlier in the week! They are well funky :-) I hope he will let me dance about infront of his camera again because it was soo much fun, smoking and eating in a studio!! yippeeeee.I am enjoying the whole *moving out of the art nude stuff* even though after today I am more in love with loaction nudes than I was before today. Yey!

I have a boring week ahead :-D managed to resist from booking anything this week, off to Glasgow next Sunday for 5 days (part of Pauls birthday) and going to get some pictures done with the loverly Madame Binky who Pauls shooting so that should be fun!

Then on the 3rd/4th/5th me and Simondo are off up to Skye to basically get me naked in every location that looks good or if the light looks amazing so really looking forward to that trip and creating some shit hot art woooohooo..

Still got lots of pictures to get back from last week so not sure if they will be uploaded before I go away again or once I get back, we'll see :D

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Shoot with John Hewat

Well on Tuesday (During my time away) John Hewat popped over from Edinburgh for a shoot.

He booked me for 4 but after 2 hours he seemed more than happy with the images we got together. He was fun to work with and really just let me get on with it which is nice because Im rubbish at being directed :D
Ps- These images might get added to in the next few weeks, hes lovley and told me hes happy with me using any of the images he has taken of me which is really nice :D

Sunday with Simon-J

Well Simon J Overton booked me for the full day while I have been away.
We done some Studio nudes then went out to do "fashion", ofcourse I ended up spotting the perfect place to strip of for some nudes so I was glad he shot it. 5 minutes later and I would have been busted by a bunch of fishermen! We even had time for a stroll on the beach, hes mentioned another location he would like to take me to for a shoot which sounds really exciting so hopefully that will happen in the next few months!

The week has almost come to an end :D

This is just a small post seeing as I have a little time to spare now, still away but done all my shoots which I had to do *thank god*. Hardly had time to check my e-mails or messages but got a little time tonight which is nice, Been pretty solid shooting for the past week although a couple of them shoots were more fun than anything else :-) Me and Paul shot everyday while we have been away but from the countless sets we have done we managed to narrow the pictures down to about 152 so I will have to be super patient and wait to see the results. Posted a couple with this post (both unedited) only frame added :-) Its going to suck when I have to go back home, really getting used to me and Paul being together and he makes a nice cup of tea lol