Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sleep over with Monkey Twizzle

Well I finished my time with Paul and he handed me over to Mr Twizzle..
We all sat in the butterfly and pig and I got my first look at me and Billys newbook, looks super in print and all glossy and pretty! Heres me and Billy at the "handover", taken by Paul ofcourse.

Me and Billy had over Rachel Helena to do my makeup for the first couple of looks. Shes lovley and has good chatter...

I always forget in what order or day me and Billy do things, we tend to just fire off different ideas then move on to the next after our never ending fag breaks :D I just remember they were the first 2 sets. These first few were all from the evening :)

Then we got up bright and early on the Sunday morning to do some more art :D yipppeee...

It really amazes me sometimes that me and Billy manage to actually get any pictures taken, we spend 90% of the time just chilling out and smoking. I love being one of his muses and I love being part of his "art" and just being his friend. He really is kick ass :)

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