Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I hate packing :-(

I've not even started packing my bags yet for my little trip away, don't have a clue where to start :-( .. yes most if not all of my shoots will be nude but I'm still going to need to take more than a bunch of tutus and legwarmers.

The "sudden fear" has come over me too, Realising I will be gone for a week and having as many shoots as I usually do in the space of an average month all crammed into a few days is kinda scary. It could go one of 2 ways - me breaking down midway through the week and refusing to come out the bathroom or - finishing the week with a massive ego and thinking "fuck yeah Im good.. infact naw im the best". I am really excited though, got a shoot with SimonP to kick it all off and I love working with him so that should set me off in a super mood, location nudes which at the moment is what I enjoy doing the most. I guess its because that 1 moment is captured and the lighting/conditions will never be the exact same again :-) plus theres the enviroment to pose with rather than just doing a pose in a blank studio. Got a few new photographers to work with too and hopefully I will get a few new images for my portfolio! I am still stuck when it comes to choosing what goes into my portfolio, I recently changed it all around and took down some of my "fave" pictures only because I felt like everyone had already seen them and their time was over so I replaced them with other images. Not sure if that was a good idea though because Ive noticed alot less new people contacting me for shoots. Ahh bugger it!

Must remember to pack the following -
camera battery charger,
phone charger,
my diary,
a book to read...

christ thats a really small list. Clothes, makeup, tutus, legwarmers, shoes, material..
and anything else any of my photographers last minute style ask me to take although I emailed them all on Sunday evening and asked them to let me know what to take and 2 of them mentioned clothes, and they have booked me for nudes.. might just be a case of me throwing lots of random things in my bags and hoping they dont all want to shoot the same thing.. eeeeek :-S

thats all anyway.. if i dont update for awhile you will understand why lol

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  1. Tutus and legwarmers should be more than enough! I look forward to seeing the shots