Saturday, 21 March 2009

Home sweet home :D

Well I survived my week and 2 days away..

Although my body is showing tell tale signs of too much sunshine (sunburned) and the doodles Fozzie was drawing on me last night. Just out the shower, had mud up my legs and on my feet from a shoot today with SimonP! He came to my rescue because other buggers damn let me down so in return for him being my driver we sone some pictures on the way home.. Looking forward to seeing the results *and the results from last weekends shoot with him!

Got home to an e-mail from David Sams with some pictures from the shoot I done with him and Sian earlier in the week! They are well funky :-) I hope he will let me dance about infront of his camera again because it was soo much fun, smoking and eating in a studio!! yippeeeee.I am enjoying the whole *moving out of the art nude stuff* even though after today I am more in love with loaction nudes than I was before today. Yey!

I have a boring week ahead :-D managed to resist from booking anything this week, off to Glasgow next Sunday for 5 days (part of Pauls birthday) and going to get some pictures done with the loverly Madame Binky who Pauls shooting so that should be fun!

Then on the 3rd/4th/5th me and Simondo are off up to Skye to basically get me naked in every location that looks good or if the light looks amazing so really looking forward to that trip and creating some shit hot art woooohooo..

Still got lots of pictures to get back from last week so not sure if they will be uploaded before I go away again or once I get back, we'll see :D

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  1. Love the shots with David Sams - very fun but serious all at the same time.