Friday, 25 June 2010

I like the sunshine..

I do love the sunshine....
its too bloody hot now!!

I have been a busy girly recently.. No complaints though had fabulous shoots this week and last outside in the sunshine.

Here is a drawing - soxrule done of me - he is a talented guy you can see his work on deviant art. This is the 2nd drawing he has done of me.. yey

Had an e-mail through from a talented lady who is going to be drawing my neck so can't wait to see how it turns out!
Anyway I think that is all for now

Monday, 21 June 2010

Super dooper busy week

Well here is a couple more of the hair pictures from last weekend..
I have had a pretty busy week so I'm having a day off today :-D

Got my outfit for my cousins wedding in August, really looking forward to it. She is getting married in York Minster which I have never been in before - I will be smuggling in my camera to get some shots.

Rory and I went to the circus last week, well we actually went to 2 of them. The first one was super and I was inspired by the shapes the performers were making especially the silks artist and the trapeze. The 2nd circus wasn't so good, it was smelly and the chairs were uncomfortable plus I wasn't keen on the way they were treating their animals. I got my picture taken with an Elephant, think that was the closest I have ever been to one but it was a rushed picture which I need to scan in :(

The Stockport groupshoot is getting nearer. I still need to sort out the car hire and the hotels but I will get there.

Anyways.. Im going to get ready and head off out.. who knows what I'm going out for..


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hair Shoot..

Well after having my hair all cut on Friday Nicola joined me and Rory on Saturday evening to shoot various styles. I had absoloutly no say in what I was wearing or how my makeup/hair looked, left all the decisions to Nickie.

I really can't believe how fast she worked and I bloody love them, fingers crossed they get a little publication in a hair magazine or 2 *thumbs up*.

Super well done to Rory, despite not really knowing how to use a camera 2 months ago his work is already crapping over a fair few photographers.


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Stockport artnude group shoot! 17th July..

Well I was asked to go join in at the artnude group shoot awhile ago not really knowing who else would be going, I'm honoured to be included in this line up. Will be great to see my new buddy Amieboo too. We have pushed the other halfs together so they will be spending the day together while Amie and I do the studio stuff. It will be amazing to meet all the gorgeous models and the organisers of this even but even more exciting is the prospect of all the new people I will get to be working with. I rarely get a chance to travel outwith Scotland so will be a perfect oppertunity for you English folks to get a shoot with me.

So read the flyer, if your interested in booking or finding out more info e-mail the address at the bottom of the flyer.



I got a new haircut!

Well I thought it was about time the hair got a bit of a chop luckily my next door neighbour is a hairdresser. I think she done a fabulous job and I'm soo happy with it.

Rory and I thought we should capture the new hair in all its fantastic newness, it feels awesome.. only problem is I'm pretty crap when it comes to doing my hair so the neighbour may have me pop in every morning just to make sure it is sitting ok.

Chrissie xx

Naked with a guitar...

Well we all know nudes with a guitar has been done before but not by me.
John (fox) was over last week and we messed about a little, its surprising how many poses work well just holding a guitar! Last time John and I worked together it was a strictly - fashion only on location shoot so I'm glad he has now seen me in action doing what I do best :-D

Really like these images so thanks to John for sending them over, and hope he enjoys his upcoming holiday.

Naked with a guitar rocks!!!

Chrissie x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

From a while ago....

Here are some of the images I have been dying to see. All by Dave Hunt
I'm sure I mentioned before who my inspiration was and the model I have always admired the most was but if I didn't then well here she is..... with me :D

I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous working with Joceline.. That was unavoidable really she was absolutely fantastic with me and I honestly can't wait to work with her again. There are very few 6ft nude models kicking about and we may not be similar looking but I think the differences are a nice contrast..

So while we were all in the one place at the one time - Joceline, Ivory Flame, Madame Bink and I all got a few shots together. Was amusing to see who the first one to strip off was - Joceline by a quarter of a mile, followed by Binks then Holly and Myself. Everyone was still chatting and we turned around to see a 6ft Joce jumping :-)

Rory took a nice picture of us all together - Timbham (Tim Pile) in the dark top and Dave is in the fetching pink number)

Credits time -

I can't seem to find Tims website :-(
You can find him on purestorm @

and Rory -


More things have been going on in my life :-)
Amieboo and I got on so well while she was here that we have decided to travel together down south in September. We have no real plan of where to go and who to visit but will be available on our own or separate. I'm really looking forward to it.

I had a lovely shoot a couple of days ago with John - Aka Fox, he mentioned an acoustic guitar and I had visions of the 'usual' type of images but it didn't turn out like that at all. I really can't wait to see them, it was the first time I had worked with a guitar and its pretty amazing how many different things you can do with just the 1 prop!

I have a few shoots next week, all on location so really looking forward to them and hope the weather stays pretty. Rory and I are shooting on Saturday and the neighbour is going to be our stylist so it should be alot of fun.

Right I'm off to do some housework

Bespoke hair By The Cutting Room, Perth

Well as I mentioned before we were down at the Cutting Room on Tuesday evening doing pictures for my neighbour Nickie who is one of the stylists down there. On Monday she was all bouncy and inspired after attending a hair workshop up in Aberdeen she showed us some of the snaps she got while up there and I honestly couldn't believe how fantastic and intricate her styles actually were. I asked her how long it took her to do each style and she said something like 40 minutes which I couldn't believe. So photographers if you are looking for a stylist for any projects get in touch with me and I will give you her details.

It was Rorys shoot, I was just there to get a couple of pictures and help set up the lights and tell the models a bit of direction. The image above and below was Toni, I know not exactly hair type images but she was pulling such cool shapes with her body I couldn't resist getting a little arty. Luckily Rory shot the images which needed done and I was the one who got to have a little fun.
This is one of the other stylists designs I loved it!!
Model was Nicole.
Not that I need to say it but it was a pleasure shooting for the cutting room and we can't wait to do it all over again. Many thanks to everyone who was involved on the evening.


Monday, 7 June 2010

Why have a dog as an accessory?

Ok so it was a super hot Saturday and seeing as it was the first weekend Rory and I had some time to spend together we decided to go for a little walk, there is an Island which is in the middle of the river tay, really pretty place which I love going too. I knew it would be busy, just as we were about to leave my sister called, apparently her and the children were outside the flat and we invited them along....

So the sun was out, there were lots of children jumping about paddling in the water and on boats.. Then the rain started...

You always see fashion images where there is a random dog in shot or a car so my new prop is my gorgeous neice Kelsey, she done a super job. I think the 'feel' I was going for was captured pretty well and this was the best of the bunch. It was rather difficult shooting when Rory had about 12 children and various adults jumping about in the water behind him.

I have a shit load of images from ages ago which im still needing to put up/get back and I have kind of lost the plot a little recently so only keep uploading the newest ones when i remember.

Rory and I are shooting for the cutting room in Perth tomorrow, rather excited :D
Then tomorrow night im doing a shoot i have been looking forward to for awhile.

Big congrats to Rory for getting a lovely mention in the gorgeous Ivory Flames blog. Not bad considering purestorm told him a week before he shot Holly that his images were not portfolio worthy.... mwahahaha!

Hope everyone is continuing to enjoy the sunshine..
Soo much exciting stuff is happening in the next couple of months, I may burst with excitement!! Once things are all announced you will understand why!


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Some more from Amie...

Well here is some more stuff Amie shot while she was up in Scotland, really like the headshots she took Rory's hand even managed to get in on the action.. He was fish-hooking my mouth while amie was shooting this and god it was off putting im surprised I any of the pictures are non-giggly.

Up a tree..
I have shot - in a tree/under a tree/ laying on the branch of a tree... everything apart from being actually UP the tree so im super happy we spotted this tree :D

Warm water..
Right time for me to goo.. wish i had a bloody garden so I could sit in it today.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Amieboo came to visit...

Well here are some of the images Rory shot while Amie was up..
Not sure which I like best, I think the first one is pretty awesome almost motherly and caring
or an angel looking over my shoulder..

Thanks to Rory for taking these and for Amie for posing alongside me, was a wicked night...

There was another set which Rory is still editing and I have some images that Amie shot of me that night which I will post up later.