Monday, 7 June 2010

Why have a dog as an accessory?

Ok so it was a super hot Saturday and seeing as it was the first weekend Rory and I had some time to spend together we decided to go for a little walk, there is an Island which is in the middle of the river tay, really pretty place which I love going too. I knew it would be busy, just as we were about to leave my sister called, apparently her and the children were outside the flat and we invited them along....

So the sun was out, there were lots of children jumping about paddling in the water and on boats.. Then the rain started...

You always see fashion images where there is a random dog in shot or a car so my new prop is my gorgeous neice Kelsey, she done a super job. I think the 'feel' I was going for was captured pretty well and this was the best of the bunch. It was rather difficult shooting when Rory had about 12 children and various adults jumping about in the water behind him.

I have a shit load of images from ages ago which im still needing to put up/get back and I have kind of lost the plot a little recently so only keep uploading the newest ones when i remember.

Rory and I are shooting for the cutting room in Perth tomorrow, rather excited :D
Then tomorrow night im doing a shoot i have been looking forward to for awhile.

Big congrats to Rory for getting a lovely mention in the gorgeous Ivory Flames blog. Not bad considering purestorm told him a week before he shot Holly that his images were not portfolio worthy.... mwahahaha!

Hope everyone is continuing to enjoy the sunshine..
Soo much exciting stuff is happening in the next couple of months, I may burst with excitement!! Once things are all announced you will understand why!


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