Saturday, 12 June 2010

Stockport artnude group shoot! 17th July..

Well I was asked to go join in at the artnude group shoot awhile ago not really knowing who else would be going, I'm honoured to be included in this line up. Will be great to see my new buddy Amieboo too. We have pushed the other halfs together so they will be spending the day together while Amie and I do the studio stuff. It will be amazing to meet all the gorgeous models and the organisers of this even but even more exciting is the prospect of all the new people I will get to be working with. I rarely get a chance to travel outwith Scotland so will be a perfect oppertunity for you English folks to get a shoot with me.

So read the flyer, if your interested in booking or finding out more info e-mail the address at the bottom of the flyer.



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