Monday, 21 June 2010

Super dooper busy week

Well here is a couple more of the hair pictures from last weekend..
I have had a pretty busy week so I'm having a day off today :-D

Got my outfit for my cousins wedding in August, really looking forward to it. She is getting married in York Minster which I have never been in before - I will be smuggling in my camera to get some shots.

Rory and I went to the circus last week, well we actually went to 2 of them. The first one was super and I was inspired by the shapes the performers were making especially the silks artist and the trapeze. The 2nd circus wasn't so good, it was smelly and the chairs were uncomfortable plus I wasn't keen on the way they were treating their animals. I got my picture taken with an Elephant, think that was the closest I have ever been to one but it was a rushed picture which I need to scan in :(

The Stockport groupshoot is getting nearer. I still need to sort out the car hire and the hotels but I will get there.

Anyways.. Im going to get ready and head off out.. who knows what I'm going out for..


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