Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bespoke hair By The Cutting Room, Perth

Well as I mentioned before we were down at the Cutting Room on Tuesday evening doing pictures for my neighbour Nickie who is one of the stylists down there. On Monday she was all bouncy and inspired after attending a hair workshop up in Aberdeen she showed us some of the snaps she got while up there and I honestly couldn't believe how fantastic and intricate her styles actually were. I asked her how long it took her to do each style and she said something like 40 minutes which I couldn't believe. So photographers if you are looking for a stylist for any projects get in touch with me and I will give you her details.

It was Rorys shoot, I was just there to get a couple of pictures and help set up the lights and tell the models a bit of direction. The image above and below was Toni, I know not exactly hair type images but she was pulling such cool shapes with her body I couldn't resist getting a little arty. Luckily Rory shot the images which needed done and I was the one who got to have a little fun.
This is one of the other stylists designs I loved it!!
Model was Nicole.
Not that I need to say it but it was a pleasure shooting for the cutting room and we can't wait to do it all over again. Many thanks to everyone who was involved on the evening.


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