Wednesday, 26 August 2009

And back again :)

Well I went for a little break away for a week and just got home.
Alex Ingram invited me upto Loch Carron for a few days (was there 6)
Had a really good time, relaxing and peaceful.
Alex has been suffering from a dodgy foot which then turned into a dodgy leg, we didnt shoot much.
Only one in an old building local to him and one this morning before I left in his hallway.

I feel refreshed and really appreciate Alex having me up for a little break.
Its nice to know people do care.

There was someone else up that way who had contacted me awhile back so tried sorting something out with him but to be honest I have learned he is a bit of a waste of time, and he insulted me so im pretty pissed about that!

Anyway I have a busy weekend coming up and a really interesting shoot coming up next weekend so excited about all that and cant wait to start again.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Loch Carron

Well Im up in the highlands just having a wee break at the moment, its been nice getting some time off from everything. Alex hasnt pointed his camera at me which is a surprise but im sure we will do something photographic by the time I get back to homeland.

I have a really busy month coming up so this is the calm before the storm.
Still have lots of pictures to post from my tour but just not got around to it yet,

Its lovley and sunny here at the moment so going out to help Alex with some gardening, was at a flower show yesterday and a pipe band march today. Its fab to meet all the locals :-)

Not sure when im coming back, will be before Friday at least as I have shoots all next weekend down in Perthshire.

I went on a shopping spree before I left Perth.. I have soo many new dresses its fantastic, and by luck someone contacted me and wanted dresses so I will get the chance to wear some of them when I work with him in a couple of weeks.

Right im off out in the sunshine.. adios


Monday, 17 August 2009

Moving on...

Well just before anyone E-mails be about my website being down at the moment dont bother, I cannot access my emails anymore.

Paul and I have broke up, he controlled the website and my e-mails so for the time being I dont have a website. I did purchase so hopefully I will have that sorted out in the next few weeks.

At the moment my contact e-mail is
Its slightly annoying because I am expecting pictures back and emails from folks but I have attempted to contact everyone I was in discussions with, I know hardly the most professional reason for not getting back to emails but I didnt have a say in the matter.

I have been having alot of thinking time recently and decided that I am wanting to test the water down in England, I enjoyed my tour soo much that I am considering going down there for a couple of months and then possibly move down if it all goes well so everyone keep your fingers crossed.

I have grown up alot in the last few months, had to deal with things I never thought I would have to deal with. Dont think I delt with them well but such is life, whats for you will never go by you is what my mum always says.

I enjoyed shooting with Paul and im sorry its come to this. I wish him well for the future and hope his photography continues to grow.


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bryan Allman

I did do some other shoots inbetween Bryan and the other ones but Ive either not seen the images or been sent them yet so they will have to wait till later.

I had a great time in Bryans neck of the woods, my sister designed and made me a tutu for the shoot. The tutu took about an hour to make and looked excellent (if anyone requires a tutu for a shoot and wants one personalised then contact me and I will hook you up with my sisters contact details).

So we started off in the Sculpture park near to Bryans house and done some fashion with the tutu, I still get confused when I have clothing on.. I guess that means im an art nude model through and through though so its not soo much of a bad thing really. I just have a problem keeping my clothes on, glad Bryan is not against doing some nudes :-)Last shot is a natural one, I have soo many freckles and I often find they get shot totally wrong making me look like I have some sort of skin disease rather than 'signs of beauty'. Why edit out something which makes me unique? well I usually hate how my freckles look in a picture so thats maybe why..

So from now on I wont be wearing soo much makeup to try and hide them from people.


Well I last minute arranged a shoot with Ken, Scott took me along and we had a fun couple of hours playing about. Ken is such a character (in the best possible sense), plus hes a chain smoker which automatically makes him really cool! :-)

This first shot was taken on his new 14ft long folly, for those of you who (like me) didnt know what a folly was its a wall rich people build for no real reason other than it looks good, Ken was rather proud of it and it did look pretty cool.

We then popped indoors and done some stuff in one of his random rooms, Ken has many rooms in his house which are filled with the most amazing seats/beds and other random things, Im glad though that it was him that sat on an antique chair and broke it :-)
Doggy dog.. This was shot in his conservatory (if you can call it that), it was bigger than my whole house.

The last shot was one I was after, his pussy cats Kevin and Lilly have the most amazing colour of eyes I have ever seen. The prowl about like little tigers.

I had such an awesome time with Ken! :-)

Hubby - AKA Scott Chappell

Well Scott is the photographer who got me to get off my arse and onto a train in the first place. I had been speaking to him for what felt like a lifetime about doing a shoot and hes a dear (deer.. joke..) friend of mine.

So I arrived at Scotts and was greeted by him and his wonderful family - the real wifey Sue and their gorgeous little dogs - Jasper and Freddy. I was made soo welcome down there during my stay so it made the actual shooting soo relaxing, on the first day we all got up at 3am and headed off down to Portland in the campervan for some sunrise stuff. That part of the country is breath-taking. We shot some stuff on the cliffs then headed over to the pebble beach, the sound of the water on the vast of stones was amazing!

We all then went over to visit Kenp in his humble abode. After spending an hour or so there I was whisked away to the new forest to do some shots, the wildlife there is great.. horses just walking around freely.. during shooting in the forest one horse took a disliking to Scott, Ive never seen a man run soo fast.. then again Ive never seen a horse chasing a man before either so it was a first on both counts.

The next day we decided to do some studio stuff, following on from Barone's 'deer' theme for me Scott had a latext deer head which I put on.

I had such a great time with the Chappell clan, just makes me wish I lived a little closer so I could pop in from time to time for a cuppa and a chat. Scott has even complied the images into a book so I really look forward to seeing it, things always look better in print and I love these images on the screen so the printed versions will proberly end up making me more in love :)

I dont think Scott realises just how much I appreciate him.

Ross Nathan Phillips

Well after Wolverhampton I went to oxford to split the journey up a little.. then moved on to Bournemouth where I stayed with Ross Nathan Phillips for the most part. He's been such a good friend to me for the past few months, anytime I have even considered cancelling my trip or anytime I have worried about it he has been the person who has told me that no matter what happens on my trip he would be there to help me out if I really needed it. Its like he was playing the supportive big brother. We went out on the beach one night and done these pictures, I love night time shots and beaches, being lit by streetlight is pretty darn cool!


Not sure how I managed it but I got myself a shoot with Barone ;-)
I think theres a fair few people who would chew their own arm off to get to work with him so im glad I didnt need to chew mines off. I had admired Johns stuff for awhile and finally getting to meet the man behind the images was great. Hes not as short and fat as he describes himself to be. Heres the first few pictures back from my day with him. If the other ones he is still to edit are as good then Im going to have a hell of a trouble fitting them into my portfolio.

He doesnt shoot as much nude as I think he should. 2 of these images have won picture of the day competitions on model mayhem and been showcased on other websites so I guess its not just me that likes them :)

Hopefully I will get to jump about in Johns studio again, had such a productive shoot.

Back from down'south!

Well I coped just fine on my trip, no panic attacks and a slightly re-invented portfolio.
I could have crammed in more shoots but I managed to work with most of the folks I wanted to.
I was starting to suffer badly up in Scotland with what I was producing, it was all of good standard but I didnt know which images after shoots were the best and I wasnt getting that 'OMG I LOVE IT' as often as I wanted to. I guess Im always striving to better what I have done before.

Paul travelled to Wolverhampton with me so we done a few shots while I was there.
I totally ruined my new white bikini though, my hairdye ran during shooting stuff in the shower and turned the night bright white into a murky brown :(