Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bryan Allman

I did do some other shoots inbetween Bryan and the other ones but Ive either not seen the images or been sent them yet so they will have to wait till later.

I had a great time in Bryans neck of the woods, my sister designed and made me a tutu for the shoot. The tutu took about an hour to make and looked excellent (if anyone requires a tutu for a shoot and wants one personalised then contact me and I will hook you up with my sisters contact details).

So we started off in the Sculpture park near to Bryans house and done some fashion with the tutu, I still get confused when I have clothing on.. I guess that means im an art nude model through and through though so its not soo much of a bad thing really. I just have a problem keeping my clothes on, glad Bryan is not against doing some nudes :-)Last shot is a natural one, I have soo many freckles and I often find they get shot totally wrong making me look like I have some sort of skin disease rather than 'signs of beauty'. Why edit out something which makes me unique? well I usually hate how my freckles look in a picture so thats maybe why..

So from now on I wont be wearing soo much makeup to try and hide them from people.

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