Sunday, 16 August 2009


Not sure how I managed it but I got myself a shoot with Barone ;-)
I think theres a fair few people who would chew their own arm off to get to work with him so im glad I didnt need to chew mines off. I had admired Johns stuff for awhile and finally getting to meet the man behind the images was great. Hes not as short and fat as he describes himself to be. Heres the first few pictures back from my day with him. If the other ones he is still to edit are as good then Im going to have a hell of a trouble fitting them into my portfolio.

He doesnt shoot as much nude as I think he should. 2 of these images have won picture of the day competitions on model mayhem and been showcased on other websites so I guess its not just me that likes them :)

Hopefully I will get to jump about in Johns studio again, had such a productive shoot.

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