Wednesday, 26 August 2009

And back again :)

Well I went for a little break away for a week and just got home.
Alex Ingram invited me upto Loch Carron for a few days (was there 6)
Had a really good time, relaxing and peaceful.
Alex has been suffering from a dodgy foot which then turned into a dodgy leg, we didnt shoot much.
Only one in an old building local to him and one this morning before I left in his hallway.

I feel refreshed and really appreciate Alex having me up for a little break.
Its nice to know people do care.

There was someone else up that way who had contacted me awhile back so tried sorting something out with him but to be honest I have learned he is a bit of a waste of time, and he insulted me so im pretty pissed about that!

Anyway I have a busy weekend coming up and a really interesting shoot coming up next weekend so excited about all that and cant wait to start again.

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  1. Maybe not many shots, but good ones, quality is always better then quantity! :D