Saturday, 22 August 2009

Loch Carron

Well Im up in the highlands just having a wee break at the moment, its been nice getting some time off from everything. Alex hasnt pointed his camera at me which is a surprise but im sure we will do something photographic by the time I get back to homeland.

I have a really busy month coming up so this is the calm before the storm.
Still have lots of pictures to post from my tour but just not got around to it yet,

Its lovley and sunny here at the moment so going out to help Alex with some gardening, was at a flower show yesterday and a pipe band march today. Its fab to meet all the locals :-)

Not sure when im coming back, will be before Friday at least as I have shoots all next weekend down in Perthshire.

I went on a shopping spree before I left Perth.. I have soo many new dresses its fantastic, and by luck someone contacted me and wanted dresses so I will get the chance to wear some of them when I work with him in a couple of weeks.

Right im off out in the sunshine.. adios



  1. Nice to see you winding down Chrissie