Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hubby - AKA Scott Chappell

Well Scott is the photographer who got me to get off my arse and onto a train in the first place. I had been speaking to him for what felt like a lifetime about doing a shoot and hes a dear (deer.. joke..) friend of mine.

So I arrived at Scotts and was greeted by him and his wonderful family - the real wifey Sue and their gorgeous little dogs - Jasper and Freddy. I was made soo welcome down there during my stay so it made the actual shooting soo relaxing, on the first day we all got up at 3am and headed off down to Portland in the campervan for some sunrise stuff. That part of the country is breath-taking. We shot some stuff on the cliffs then headed over to the pebble beach, the sound of the water on the vast of stones was amazing!

We all then went over to visit Kenp in his humble abode. After spending an hour or so there I was whisked away to the new forest to do some shots, the wildlife there is great.. horses just walking around freely.. during shooting in the forest one horse took a disliking to Scott, Ive never seen a man run soo fast.. then again Ive never seen a horse chasing a man before either so it was a first on both counts.

The next day we decided to do some studio stuff, following on from Barone's 'deer' theme for me Scott had a latext deer head which I put on.

I had such a great time with the Chappell clan, just makes me wish I lived a little closer so I could pop in from time to time for a cuppa and a chat. Scott has even complied the images into a book so I really look forward to seeing it, things always look better in print and I love these images on the screen so the printed versions will proberly end up making me more in love :)

I dont think Scott realises just how much I appreciate him.

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