Thursday, 21 November 2013


As promised - a happy blog following on from my last one!

About 3 years ago I was booked to work with an artist over in Edinburgh on a series of images he was wanting to paint. I love being involved in things which are a little different to my "norm" and having seen his other work I knew they would be quite interesting. A couple of sleepless nights ago the shoot popped into my head and I wondered quietly to myself if he ever used the photographs from our shoot to do any paintings so off I went searching for his site and these are the paintings I was faced with when I arrived at - HENDRYART

As explained in my last blog - I'm not in the best of creative moods at the minute, and although I'm still in my slump seeing these made me at least remember why I do what I do, and I felt that awesome pride you get after being part of something beautiful.

Right time to get off and put the dinner on! thanks so much to Steven for allowing me to post a blog about our shoot and its been great catching up with him via e-mails, I honestly can't wait to work with him again and hopefully pop over to see the paintings in the flesh :-)

If I'm not back before Christmas I do hope you all have a wonderful time and remember to appreciate all the time you get to spend with your family <3 p="">


I have to admit I have been avoiding blogging, been going through a bit of a crappy time. Usually modelling takes my mind off troubles but this time sadly its not been the case. I do have a nice blog to post up but I feel like I need to unload the crappy things on here.

My dad was hospitalised again 4 weeks and 1 day ago -  some people knew that last winter he was struggling, well this year there has been no progress during his hospital stay, infact things just keep getting worse and his pain levels almost make me feel sick.

He had a really bad night last week and said "don't change the wedding date" and has written his speech from his hospital bed incase he doesn't make it to the wedding and its totally breaking me up. We planned the wedding shortly after his last "recovery" after realising that even though we could wait 10 years other people probably can't.

So wedding planning on the run up to Christmas while worrying like this about dad hasn't been an inspiring time in my life at all.

So if there is a long spell between updates and images please just wait for me, I'm sure my passion will come back with fighting force when all this stuff is out of the way. I really hope it does anyway!

and I will post a nice positive post after this one to make up for the moaning and sad tone of this update.


Sunday, 6 October 2013

I'm 28 this week!

I know... its been awhile!

If its any excuse I have about 4 half written blogs which I decided needed more work done on them, sometimes (nae all the time) I kind of let my fingers type and I my brain can't keep up to moderate what I'm saying so I will leave the rant/moany blogs for another day.

I've been pretty productive throughout September - October is a little more quiet (Off a few days for my birthday on Tuesday) which will be nice. Back to shooting on the 10th though.

I know its not my birthday yet but I have already been totally spoiled this year.. I got a henry hoover and some pretty clothes today (see newyork top below) plus a new pair of jogging bottoms for when I go to shoots, the other ones were getting a bit saggy at the knees which isn't a good look.

"Hello lovely new photographer, don't worry my knees aren't deformed... its just my trousers" Will be nice not having to say that before shoots.

This will be a long "catch" up blog - mainly about boring things so if you are only interested in naked pictures of me then ignore the words and scroll down :-)

So its half 2 in the morning just now, I got up for the little girls room and felt the sudden urge to post a blog so now I am with a cuppa tea and a sticky pecan and cinnamon bun on the kitchen worktop.

Also wanted to share some of the things I got today - Don't know if any other models go into clares accessories but they have "sale bags" from time to time.. You don't know what you will get in them, could be a pencil and ruler in every bag but I always end up with a few funky things which I probably wouldn't have bought but look awesome in my "accessories" drawer. I was going to take a picture of them all together on the worktop but decided it would be much more entertaining wearing them all at once....

(20 minutes later)

You get 3 bags for £10..
List of things I have on and their RRP

3 way head wrap with jewel (like an elven type of head thing) (been actually wanting one of these) - 
Horrid little moustache hair garrets (in 3 colours) - whats peoples facination with tashes these days?
Silver bestfriend bracelets (Rory refuses to wear the other half of the heart so I will wear both)
An apple core necklace £5.00
Green hair clips £3.50
A bun decoration thing with white roses £5 (not worn in a bun)
A hideously coloured pink hair flower £3.50
I love moustache necklace £5.00
Bowtie bracelet £5.00
Rainbow fake hair clip in £4.50
Pink headband with sparkles -  £4.50
Necklace with london landmarks £5
haie flower slide £6.50
another headband with flowers - £5.50

I have a couple of sets of earrings and another couple of headwear type things but I haven't got enough room on my head to wear them :((


ONE day somebody will request I bring exactly one of those accessories and instead of saying "hrm... I hate the colour peach/pink so don't have a flower in that colour" I can proudly say "Yes mr Photographer, I have just the thing and I will be happy to pack it for our shoot". 

So photographers - models £10 for 3 surprise goodie bags in Claires accessories, even if only a couple of the pieces are something you would be seen dead in or photographing its still a pretty neat deal! 

Infact occasionally I plan shoots around a random accessory - note none of these lot have inspired me yet but there is still time :-) 

Rory and I have shot something recently - shock horror, I posted it on facebook already so you might have seen it.

I always want a nice black and white headshot - I see all these excellent beauty photographers posting such wonderful shots of my freckled sisters (not actual sisters.. just other models) and I always wish it was me in the picture. I still get the initial feeling of dread and not liking any of the shots of me which show my freckles, so I let Rory edit one and I don't mind it. I'm not an unconfident person but when I see other freckled models I think they look wonderful but when I see my own I think there are just too many on my face. Doesn't matter how many people say they are beautiful I don't think I will ever be completely proud of my freckled face.

I remember years ago on a shoot a photographer lit me with on board flash, I was there when he went to edit and he said some mean things "Oh these freckles are a nightmare to remove/yadda yadda" so it make me quite anti freckles. In reality it was his fault for using such a shitty unflattering light source and trying to remove them but at the time I honestly didn't understand the process or lighting. 

I did work with Bryan Allman who took a lovely freckled shot of me using natural light though which slightly helped the confidence.

A couple of weeks back I worked with Tim Pile, Francisca De Silva & the awesome Ivory Flame. It was great to see Tim and Holly again and work with Francisca. We even got a few shots of Holly and I together which is always nice :) 

The next day Tim, John Mcnairn and I went for a walk up a hill.. It was quite cold up there but as always the images were totally worth it. This first one is by Tim, I was actually quite scared of jumping on this stone, I'm rubbish with heights and if its windy I just presume I will fly away or fall over but I survived haha.

And here are a couple by John Mcnairn :-)

After that shoot - might be coincidental or one of them gave me the cold but I ended up in my bed for a few days. Sniffing and coughing, thankfully by the weekend it was gone in time for my little busy spell.

On the Saturday I went over to Russells place to shoot half on location and half indoors - his house was really quite inspiring as was the garden. Its always a bit of a shame when shoots go with a blink of an eye but we were quite productive!

On the Sunday I was out with local photographer Allan Burness/Nessphotography, we have been chatting for awhile online and he only lives down the road in Perth. We went out to a location close to me and done some beautiful woodland nude shots as well as getting all muddy. It was such a fun day out, quite chilly but worth it! 

On the Monday was my shoot with David/ Pinkbuilding photography! We had a blast, honestly I think when he first came onto the scene we had maybe exchanged cross words. It was nice to be able to say to him that I was sorry for being a bitch in the past, his work really has come on so much in the past few years - sounds silly but I'm proud of him and he is a really nice person. He is midway through organising a local networking social night - changing from Perth one month and Dundee the next - which is perfect for me given I live between them both. I also invited Allan along so now I know some more local faces so wont be a stranger.

I wont round up every shoot I've had recently but that weekend was really nice, I don't always go out 3 days in a row (infact I rarely do) but it was nice to work my little bottom off then have a few days guilt free chilling.

Now its past 3.31am and I have deliveries scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I really should get to bed and be up nice and early waiting by the door.

Normally when it comes to the beginning of October I dread turning another year older but this year I'm pretty happy about it. When I look at my "idol" models I know they are all stunning/older than me and I've not noticed any drop in bookings since I started which can be related to me being older so its all good.

I know I said I wouldn't do a wedding countdown but with every day that goes past I get even more excited about it all - 170 to go :) Nervous as hell - not about the "promising my heart/commitment" part but having to speak in front of people.. Infact nervous is an understatement I'm shitting myself about that bit but I know Rory will be there at the end of the aisle waiting for me and with him by my side I can get through anything!

Christ almighty I'm making myself tear up. I hope with all the happy tears I don't cause a flash flood ;-)

Till next time


Friday, 30 August 2013

Waterfalls and friendship!

Well here is some more waterfall shots from Sarah and I's location shoot with Dylan Drummond (Son of the sea). Makeup by the lovely Jillian Crabb and assisted by Chris Scott.

I couldn't believe how warm it was on Monday, especially wearing long and fairly heavy material gowns. I think we were both quite lucky not to pass out with the heat, who would have thought - models passing out in Scotland because they are "too warm".. It just doesn't happen!

Here are some shots by John Mcnairn from our duo shoot on Friday, John brought along "wadding" so Artemis and I just went with the flow and created dresses with it. I must admit I do really like the effect and think it worked very well!

After a few hours in the studio we moved on to the beach and met up with Nicola who was shooting Sarah and John and I just kind of done our thing.  The sea was so cosy, it felt amazing against my skin!

Then John buried me in the sand :D

The heavens opened so to get some more water on the skin we decided to post in an abandoned lumber mill  :D

I had such a wicked time when Sarah was here, I honestly can't wait to see her again. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I highly recommend other people to check out her work and book her for a shoot! Not only is she a talented model but shes a pretty bloody good photographer to.


Thursday, 29 August 2013

Black paint, reflections and waterfall!

 Offt I feel like I'm "getting there" with the backlog now, you guys probably seen these images weeks ago but I never posted them on my blog so here they are.

The first lot was actually not "planned" at all, I had kind of thought about using body paint around the neck but was aiming for a clean line - almost like it was to be a scarf but water ran down creating a drip so I thought "ach lets just make that look intentional" and I'm kind of glad I did because I like it more with the drips.

I really loved these pictures, honestly its rare for me to get proper excited about images (maybe I shouldn't admit that) but when you do the same things over and over again you can appreciate they are nice pictures but they don't make you proper excited. I think it helps that when I work with Rory I can have quite a heavy influence on how I envisage the final image, I can even edit them myself so its nice to have that power to really get the best final image possible.

I know.. very "cliched" with the frame here, rory looked disgusted when I picked it up but he took a picture anyway :D

Mirror mirror, these images were shot when we were over at the dakota hotel. We only had about 10 minutes to do a quick shoot and I was super happy with these, I guess its because they are very natural - no makeup/ no hair styling - just me. You can even see freckles!

Horray for pretty natural light shots.

I've added a couple of shots fresh out of the camera from a shoot I had earlier today with John Mcnairn, we were actually scouting this location for a shoot next month but took a few shots while we were there. Its maybe a little out of the way for the shoot we have in September though which is a shame but still at least we had a little shoot so the location didn't go to waste!!

Anyhow that is all for now!

My next updates will be from my shoots with Artemis from while she was up. I can finally see light at the end of the blogspot tunnel.

I'm going to be fairly busy next month which is super exciting and I'm working with some really talented people :D

Nite all


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Anti Lairds!

Well I'm still behind... and its getting even worse :D

Here is some shots from a little shoot I had with Rory recently, he had the week off work so we went to explore a location which is fairly close (although takes a good few hours to get around).

I've had the beautiful Artemis staying with me recently while she was on tour up in Scotland, we had a wicked time and got to work with each other this time around HURRAY!

Such a talented/ beautiful and super lovely person :D Can't wait till her next visit.

Oh and seeing as I am here and attempting to get rid of the backlog here is some shots I took of myself (assisted by Rory holding a fan).

I know lots of people probably wont like them (or perhaps I am doubting myself) but ya'know what, they came out exactly as I imagined so I'm super happy with them.

Phew I can't believe how warm its been this week in Scotland, seriously. I was in the sea on Friday and standing under a heavy fresh water waterfall yesterday and it felt amazing :D