Friday, 30 August 2013

Waterfalls and friendship!

Well here is some more waterfall shots from Sarah and I's location shoot with Dylan Drummond (Son of the sea). Makeup by the lovely Jillian Crabb and assisted by Chris Scott.

I couldn't believe how warm it was on Monday, especially wearing long and fairly heavy material gowns. I think we were both quite lucky not to pass out with the heat, who would have thought - models passing out in Scotland because they are "too warm".. It just doesn't happen!

Here are some shots by John Mcnairn from our duo shoot on Friday, John brought along "wadding" so Artemis and I just went with the flow and created dresses with it. I must admit I do really like the effect and think it worked very well!

After a few hours in the studio we moved on to the beach and met up with Nicola who was shooting Sarah and John and I just kind of done our thing.  The sea was so cosy, it felt amazing against my skin!

Then John buried me in the sand :D

The heavens opened so to get some more water on the skin we decided to post in an abandoned lumber mill  :D

I had such a wicked time when Sarah was here, I honestly can't wait to see her again. She is a beautiful person inside and out and I highly recommend other people to check out her work and book her for a shoot! Not only is she a talented model but shes a pretty bloody good photographer to.


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