Sunday, 6 October 2013

I'm 28 this week!

I know... its been awhile!

If its any excuse I have about 4 half written blogs which I decided needed more work done on them, sometimes (nae all the time) I kind of let my fingers type and I my brain can't keep up to moderate what I'm saying so I will leave the rant/moany blogs for another day.

I've been pretty productive throughout September - October is a little more quiet (Off a few days for my birthday on Tuesday) which will be nice. Back to shooting on the 10th though.

I know its not my birthday yet but I have already been totally spoiled this year.. I got a henry hoover and some pretty clothes today (see newyork top below) plus a new pair of jogging bottoms for when I go to shoots, the other ones were getting a bit saggy at the knees which isn't a good look.

"Hello lovely new photographer, don't worry my knees aren't deformed... its just my trousers" Will be nice not having to say that before shoots.

This will be a long "catch" up blog - mainly about boring things so if you are only interested in naked pictures of me then ignore the words and scroll down :-)

So its half 2 in the morning just now, I got up for the little girls room and felt the sudden urge to post a blog so now I am with a cuppa tea and a sticky pecan and cinnamon bun on the kitchen worktop.

Also wanted to share some of the things I got today - Don't know if any other models go into clares accessories but they have "sale bags" from time to time.. You don't know what you will get in them, could be a pencil and ruler in every bag but I always end up with a few funky things which I probably wouldn't have bought but look awesome in my "accessories" drawer. I was going to take a picture of them all together on the worktop but decided it would be much more entertaining wearing them all at once....

(20 minutes later)

You get 3 bags for £10..
List of things I have on and their RRP

3 way head wrap with jewel (like an elven type of head thing) (been actually wanting one of these) - 
Horrid little moustache hair garrets (in 3 colours) - whats peoples facination with tashes these days?
Silver bestfriend bracelets (Rory refuses to wear the other half of the heart so I will wear both)
An apple core necklace £5.00
Green hair clips £3.50
A bun decoration thing with white roses £5 (not worn in a bun)
A hideously coloured pink hair flower £3.50
I love moustache necklace £5.00
Bowtie bracelet £5.00
Rainbow fake hair clip in £4.50
Pink headband with sparkles -  £4.50
Necklace with london landmarks £5
haie flower slide £6.50
another headband with flowers - £5.50

I have a couple of sets of earrings and another couple of headwear type things but I haven't got enough room on my head to wear them :((


ONE day somebody will request I bring exactly one of those accessories and instead of saying "hrm... I hate the colour peach/pink so don't have a flower in that colour" I can proudly say "Yes mr Photographer, I have just the thing and I will be happy to pack it for our shoot". 

So photographers - models £10 for 3 surprise goodie bags in Claires accessories, even if only a couple of the pieces are something you would be seen dead in or photographing its still a pretty neat deal! 

Infact occasionally I plan shoots around a random accessory - note none of these lot have inspired me yet but there is still time :-) 

Rory and I have shot something recently - shock horror, I posted it on facebook already so you might have seen it.

I always want a nice black and white headshot - I see all these excellent beauty photographers posting such wonderful shots of my freckled sisters (not actual sisters.. just other models) and I always wish it was me in the picture. I still get the initial feeling of dread and not liking any of the shots of me which show my freckles, so I let Rory edit one and I don't mind it. I'm not an unconfident person but when I see other freckled models I think they look wonderful but when I see my own I think there are just too many on my face. Doesn't matter how many people say they are beautiful I don't think I will ever be completely proud of my freckled face.

I remember years ago on a shoot a photographer lit me with on board flash, I was there when he went to edit and he said some mean things "Oh these freckles are a nightmare to remove/yadda yadda" so it make me quite anti freckles. In reality it was his fault for using such a shitty unflattering light source and trying to remove them but at the time I honestly didn't understand the process or lighting. 

I did work with Bryan Allman who took a lovely freckled shot of me using natural light though which slightly helped the confidence.

A couple of weeks back I worked with Tim Pile, Francisca De Silva & the awesome Ivory Flame. It was great to see Tim and Holly again and work with Francisca. We even got a few shots of Holly and I together which is always nice :) 

The next day Tim, John Mcnairn and I went for a walk up a hill.. It was quite cold up there but as always the images were totally worth it. This first one is by Tim, I was actually quite scared of jumping on this stone, I'm rubbish with heights and if its windy I just presume I will fly away or fall over but I survived haha.

And here are a couple by John Mcnairn :-)

After that shoot - might be coincidental or one of them gave me the cold but I ended up in my bed for a few days. Sniffing and coughing, thankfully by the weekend it was gone in time for my little busy spell.

On the Saturday I went over to Russells place to shoot half on location and half indoors - his house was really quite inspiring as was the garden. Its always a bit of a shame when shoots go with a blink of an eye but we were quite productive!

On the Sunday I was out with local photographer Allan Burness/Nessphotography, we have been chatting for awhile online and he only lives down the road in Perth. We went out to a location close to me and done some beautiful woodland nude shots as well as getting all muddy. It was such a fun day out, quite chilly but worth it! 

On the Monday was my shoot with David/ Pinkbuilding photography! We had a blast, honestly I think when he first came onto the scene we had maybe exchanged cross words. It was nice to be able to say to him that I was sorry for being a bitch in the past, his work really has come on so much in the past few years - sounds silly but I'm proud of him and he is a really nice person. He is midway through organising a local networking social night - changing from Perth one month and Dundee the next - which is perfect for me given I live between them both. I also invited Allan along so now I know some more local faces so wont be a stranger.

I wont round up every shoot I've had recently but that weekend was really nice, I don't always go out 3 days in a row (infact I rarely do) but it was nice to work my little bottom off then have a few days guilt free chilling.

Now its past 3.31am and I have deliveries scheduled to arrive tomorrow so I really should get to bed and be up nice and early waiting by the door.

Normally when it comes to the beginning of October I dread turning another year older but this year I'm pretty happy about it. When I look at my "idol" models I know they are all stunning/older than me and I've not noticed any drop in bookings since I started which can be related to me being older so its all good.

I know I said I wouldn't do a wedding countdown but with every day that goes past I get even more excited about it all - 170 to go :) Nervous as hell - not about the "promising my heart/commitment" part but having to speak in front of people.. Infact nervous is an understatement I'm shitting myself about that bit but I know Rory will be there at the end of the aisle waiting for me and with him by my side I can get through anything!

Christ almighty I'm making myself tear up. I hope with all the happy tears I don't cause a flash flood ;-)

Till next time


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