Friday, 27 August 2010

A day with Barrie :-)

Still no news about when I have to visit the hospital for tests which is a shame because I hate living in Limbo although this week has been much better than the end of last week was. Anyway here are some images Barrie kindly sent me over from our shoot last week, I had a wicked day with him at the beach and really like some of the pictures he has sent me over..

I fell over and got a slight injury while shooting with him, over a week later and I still have a bruise just a good job its not sore and I don't have to worry about covering it up for anyone because I'm having a little break until the dark cloud has gone away from over my head...

I wish I could give a long list of things I have been up to - make it sound more exciting like Bink's blog or something but afraid other than tea/toast and occasional trips to the local shops nothing much exciting has happened this week to speak about..