Monday, 2 August 2010

t and toast :-)

Well I've got some time to sit back and kick my feet up for a little while, having a little lunch.
I have another little busy spell coming up, Northampton/York like next week arrgghh. So much to organise but really excited as I've never been to either of those areas before for work.

Had a super weekend and was joined by eymc (Eddie) & his model muse Cassie who arrived on Saturday evening. I took them along to my local abandoned and half falling down cottages yesterday to shoot and a forest type area. Since I have shot in the cottage a fair few times Rory and I went for the forest haha. It was pretty torrential rain at this point (I do have one with the rain in it but its not been edited yet). We got some cool shoot then all came back home for a big feast, I didn't realise just how much food i had prepared until the coffee table was full haha.

We all had a play about with random lightup things Rory and I had sitting about and created some really bizarre and trippy images which just scream to be made into desktop backgrounds :-)

They are off to Glencoe today, I was going to go along but I thought it would be nice for them to have a day to themselves and get lost up random little roads in the middle of nowhere plus I have washing to do and my blog to update haha, might even go for a candle lit bath.

I think we are all shooting indoors this evening if they are not too tired from their mammoth travelling about today, i have my fingers crossed that it will stay sunny for them.. When it comes to Scotland I really am like a proud mum hoping that her child behaves (I always hope for good weather).

I have a shit load (sorry for swearing) of images on my laptop but the battery is dead so here are just a couple from my recent shoot with Nick Giles, still waiting on my favourite ones back though and can't wait to see them finished!

Later skaters xxx

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