Thursday, 19 August 2010

My weekend in York..

So heres a run down of last weekends events, as always I will include the bad stuff...

We left Perth at about 3.30 had a fairly chilled out trip down, as usual we took our time and stopped off a fair bit. We finally got to our hotel in Leeds at about 11pm.. Had to walk 10 minutes from the car park to get to the hotel and took us about 3 or 4 trips around Leeds to actually find the 20 story hotel but we made it.

We checked in and I mentioned to Rory that it smelled a little bit weird throughout the hotel, almost like a sewer or drainage problem but it wasn't too strong in the hallways.. It was bloody knockout in the bedrooms though, the bedroom has fag burns in the dated old carpet.. We done a quick shoot even though I thought I was going to be sick, I tried covering the smell with perfume and opening the windows after all we couldn't go anywhere because we had a wedding to go to first thing in the morning.. I really couldnt handle the smell so ended up going to reception, they told me they had no other rooms and I just asked for my money back which they gave me but no apologies for the room smelling like shit. So anyone travelling to Leeds - NEVER EVER stay in the Park Plaza, they do not deserve their 4 * status at all the place is a stinky dive in desperate need of a plumber and cleaner.

So 1.30am comes around and we are still hotel'less, we decided to just find a travel in and cross our fingers. We found one but he said it was fully booked the receptionist called a few other places but they were also all booked.. He must have felt sorry for us because he gave us a room which technically should not have been rented out, it had a plumbing problem and smelled a little like smelly feet which I could and would just have to deal with, it was cheap and had a clean bed in it.

So the day of my Cousins wedding had arrived, Rory and I needed a shower and a bit of chill out time so met up with my mum and dad at their hotel and got ready there, it was the hotel where the reception was talking place so perfect really.

The wedding itself was in York Minster, absolutely gorgeous building and now the whole family know what its like being a tourist attraction as when we were leaving the minster there was at least 30/40 tourists taking pictures of the wedding party. It was like being at some really badly organised groupshoot lol.
Here is a little shot of the Happy couple - my little cousin Jacqueline and her Hubby Aaron, they make a fantastic couple and both Rory and I were delighted to be invited to help celebrate their big day. I do wish their happiness continues for many years to come!

Here is me and the mothership and fathership, Glad dad made it down to the wedding as his health has not been great recently.

Anyway today is a big day for me, I'm of to go get something checked out at the Drs.. I have been pretty worried about it but I'm sure everything will turn out ok in the end. I had a shoot with Barrie Spence yesterday which really took my mind off the examination im having today, we went to the beach and had a fabulous time together.

Right time for me to go have a cup of tea... fingers crossed my next blog will be a really positive upbeat one.


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