Friday, 6 August 2010

Is it really all about the money?

Howdy all...

With this blog I have attached some new stuff by Rory, he has been experimenting with light recently in the front room so I have been his little model. I was experimenting myself actually with some more erh shall we say 'open legged poses' ofcourse some of the poses I done last night were showing a little too much so I'm glad I have practiced some new poses to learn what works for my body and what doesn't. Thanks to Rory for doing such a superb job :-D


So anyway I will get down to the reason this blog has the title "is it really all about the money?"
Ever since I started modelling I have had friends/family/fellow models and photographers all ask the same question "did you get paid/are you getting paid for that", not sure if I'm alone but I think its a very rude question to ask. I'm not secretive but it seems like any answer other than "yes" gives people an eyebrow reaction as if they disapprove of me for only doing something for the experience/images.

In the past month 3 people have said something along the lines of "it doesn't matter as long as you were paid", which I find as insulting as the question - did you get paid?. Not sure if this post makes much sense but its just something which has been bothering me. Yes there are some people who wouldn't get out of bed unless someone pays them but I'm not one of them people, I don't work with creeps just because they are paying me nor do I work with people who I don't think are capable of taking a decent picture - That does not mean I will not work with beginner photographers, if someone has a passion for what they are creating and they are polite and want to learn or get better then I would be delighted if they thought I would be able to help them with there projects.. What I will NOT do is work with someone who has been shooting for apparently 15-20-30 years and still can't compose/expose an image, people who do think their work has no flaws.. Everyones work has flaws but most people (myself included) have no problem admitting the flaws.

I'm sure photographers must get this question too - be it when they have been published or they have shot a non streotypical looking model or family portraits for the experience. I understand people have to pay bills, heck I have loads waiting to be paid but for some people money really does make the world go round.

So does it make me less of a professional not to be obsessed with money? does it make me more of a hobbiest model just because I care more about the images than a wad of cash?

Yes most of what I do is paid bookings but that doesn't mean I will throw principles out the window and shoot any old shit, I strive to be a better model and to help as many people as I possibly can. I will never be a millionaire or be a highly published model but I'm happy with what I'm doing and know that tomorrow I wont see bad images of me shot by a gwc floating about online.

Fuck money - fuck doing things for money
they say money doesn't make you happy, it just makes it a little easier.
I started all this as a way to get out the house and help my anxiety - and the fact I'm no longer stuck in the house scared to go out makes me really happy, the images are a byproduct of my journey back to a 'normal' life.



  1. Modelling is a wonderful way to control anxiety and congratulations on creating beauty while you do it :)

  2. Good post Chrissie. From the other side of the lens I have to agree. It costs me more than I can afford to shoot models and buy new kit but the biggest kick I get is when people tell me they like my work. Makes it all worthwhile

  3. I've taken to using the term 'recreational art' for tf*/collaborative work. It either gets the point across or confuses people enough that they stop asking silly questions.