Thursday, 25 June 2009

Headshots... Day 2

Heres a bunch of Images from earlier this evening..

Artpunk - Day 1 :-)

Well yesterday was pretty awesome, spent it down in Contrast shooting with Paul!
We done loads (1 set is being secret at the moment though) ;)

Also had an e-mail from the wonderful Jan Murphy to let me know the interview she done with me was published on the UdA blog which is the offical fine art nude blog of Carrie Leighs nude magazine yesterday. To check it out go to HERE!

Theres lots of absoloutly fantastic artists featured in that Blog, such a good read and lots of awesome images to look through :-) think everyone should go check it out and show their love.

Only showing these four just now though.. Mainly because we have shot lots today and these are the only ones that have been edited yet haha! :-P tomorrow expect wigs and stuff. We love spending time at Castle Foz's studio, soo many props and stuff to play about with yippeee...

Much love... well.. for now


Saturday, 20 June 2009

Website update...

Well Pauls been a busy boy today and updated both my own website and our Joint site yippeee
New images added on my website are ones that have proberly already had an airing on blog spot already so nothing new for anyone too see however the ones on our joint site are pretty much all new - CLICKY HERE FOR JOINT SITE

If your too lazy to click then heres a few :-)

Please dont be too harsh on these images, both Paul and I had a bad case of the cold when these were taken. Some American actually said 'I dont like her face' about one of Pauls images of me, couldnt believe it. My answer to her is 'F-off' because Im not getting a face transplate anytime soon.

My trip down south is pretty much all planned out, still all excited. Booked the hotel last night and sorted out smaller details with a couple of the people Im working with, although there was a bit of a mix up with one of them who thought I had cancelled my trip (crossed wires) so sadly I wont get to work with him on this trip but theres always next time... if I survive this one that is!

and yes.. I know my hairs a mess in the last one, thats what its like all the time.. No false advertising here anyway thats for sure!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hello again :-)

Heres to the dumping ground with a couple of new pictures yey.
First shot is a self portrait. Ross Nathan Phillips had a play about with it in photoshop for me.
My pc is a buggery to use these days, I like this picture because its 'me'. Not an airbrushed version or a heavily edited version, just me.. with my freckles on show and imperfections in view... not saying I dont likea bit of skin smoothing but its nice to see a non perfect version of myself, like what I see in the mirror.

Smoking is BAD.. Really bad! but its kinda hot.
Not sure if this is exactly what I had in mind when I said 'trashy smoking shot' but I like it non the less. Just nicked these pictures off of Pauls Deviant art account lol.. Bouncy bouncy bed, again by Paul.. Me bouncing on his bed aye..
and the last shot was take at the Buff club :-)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Down with the sickness!!

Grrr, I still have the cold. Doesnt seem to want to budge :-(
Little things are making my time a whole lot better though, One of my talented friends from the other side of the world done a fantastic drawing of me (see above) - absoloutly cracking artist who I cannot thank enough for taking the time to do that -click here for Artists Site

I was out at the weekend with a lovley couple doing nudes by standing stones in Perthshire, I had a great time and managed to forget about my cold. Apart from fainting once I think it went really well. Everything was shot on film so I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome of that shoot which is for an exhibition.

Heres a couple of newbies from my most recent shoot with Simon, was taken at the end of May. I really like them, yes I have similar but my body shape keeps bloody changing so these are updated versions with a slightly more fuller me :-)

Im almost all ready for my trip down south, really excited about it actually. Scared but excited :-)

Im off to Polmont again next week, then I have a few other little trips and things planned for before I leave to go to England. Not sure if I will be able to update very often but im really looking forward to it all. I have arranged everyone I want to shoot with, not a massive list. I will be down south for about a month but only planning on working with 5 or 6 people. Horray for working with new people!!! yippeee ok its 4am. BED TIME!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Ohh John Hewit just sent me some pictures of me from the first time I was over in Polmont.
I mentioned I liked the pictures to him yesterday and hes sent them.
What a lovley darling, its people like him that make up for all the 'loosers'

yey for nice photographers who make me smile!

In Polmont again for part 3 at the end of this month :-)

Ranty Mc Rantface :-)

Seeing as Im still feeling poop I thought now would be the perfect time to moan about things that annoy me :-) Chances are if you think Im ranting about you then I proberly am.. I would say sorry but to be honest I'm not.

1 - TFP - Not a rant about actually doing tfp, I love it..most of the time.
A few months ago I shot with someone, long story short is that it took him over a month to send me one image.. and it wasnt all that good. Total waste of time doing the shoot and sending him e-mails . I dont mind being peoples experiments and I would rather have 1 great image than 20 ok ones. Just pisses me off when people read my messages and ignore them. I had to resort to a negative feedback for that bugger to even message me with a picture. I didnt really have a blacklist of people who I would never work with but now I do.. Theres 3 names on it and his is one of them.

2- E-mails - This pisses me off no end. Might sound up my own arsey but im bloody busy alot of the time and when someone says 'I will get back to you with dates' I dont feel like I should be chasing them up, especially when alot of the time its me giving them my time for free. That really annoys me, leaving open dates for people when I could have given them dates to photographers who would love to work with me. I understand people are busy, but why dont other people understand I am pretty busy too.

3- Applications - This annoys me too... I see a post someplace online, a shoot perfect for me.. I send off a lovley message with interest and dont even get a 'no thanks'. It only takes 2 minutes to respond to someone with 2 words. I always reply to people even if they are asking me to take part in a gonzo shoot with my legs open. (dont contact me for that btw).

4 - The common cold - im Ill and moany and want a bath, I no longer have a bath in my house.. Only a shower but I could really be doing with one right now :-( I would also like a house maid to clean my room and kitchen for me.

5- I dont know what else to moan about, Im drawn to keep moaning about the first moany rant.. Im also tempted to put my 'I will never work with you again ya cunt' list on here but I dont think thats right..

Paul says I should.. and I met a mistress and she has a 'looser list' so its not unheard of.

Ok.. not full names.. fill in the gaps.

D**** B******
G***** F******
J**** M****


Monday, 8 June 2009

Death warmed up..

I feel like s*&t today :(
SWas out with John Hewit this morning, everytime I laughed I ended up coughing my lungs up, how attractive! Now Im glad I didnt book anything else for during this week because I think my body needs sleep and lots of fluids!


Last one is from last Sunday over at the Buffclub..

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Last week

Well I've had an eventful week and a bitty, spent last Sunday with Phil - Lifescapes.. Who is from Lancashire. We shot in Perthshire.. I like the image above! its pretty funky. Loved the colours.

Last Thursday I spent it with a new friend whos into urban exploring, we looked like homeless people sitting with our chips so he snapped a quick picture of me.. Ended up a little sun burnt and he ended up missing the last train home.. eeeeekk...

On Friday me and Simon went down to Bent brae to work with Gavin - Hamiltonga (think thats spelt right).. We all had a great time and I got to wear boxing gloves and jump about like a diddy.. Good times!!

Following on from my last blog 'paperplate girl' this is the other stuff me and Billy - monkey twizzle got up to.. I love spending time with Billy, hes an awesome friend yey for creative pictures!

Yesterday (Tuesday) - I was up in Glasgow at Contrast with Allan then a 'warehouse' - TwentyTwenty Images, he usually shoots studio based glamour type stuff and dabbles in a bit of artistic nude. I set him the challange of going out his box, it was also slightly out of my box too if im honest! not done much glamour in the past. Was really happy with the images I have got back so far, been on an uploading spree since last night lol! I absoloutly love natural light in images and 'warehouses'.

The first shot was in contrast.. see the little window in the background? well I had a few watchers peeping in! :D Good times..

Paperplate girl!!


Paul and myself went over to Billys - Monkey twizzles during my time down here..

Thought this weird idea deserved a blog posting all of its own, its possibly the longest me and Billy have taken to set up an idea. Reminded me of doing arts and crafts back in school. All drawing silly faces onto paper plates :D