Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ranty Mc Rantface :-)

Seeing as Im still feeling poop I thought now would be the perfect time to moan about things that annoy me :-) Chances are if you think Im ranting about you then I proberly am.. I would say sorry but to be honest I'm not.

1 - TFP - Not a rant about actually doing tfp, I love it..most of the time.
A few months ago I shot with someone, long story short is that it took him over a month to send me one image.. and it wasnt all that good. Total waste of time doing the shoot and sending him e-mails . I dont mind being peoples experiments and I would rather have 1 great image than 20 ok ones. Just pisses me off when people read my messages and ignore them. I had to resort to a negative feedback for that bugger to even message me with a picture. I didnt really have a blacklist of people who I would never work with but now I do.. Theres 3 names on it and his is one of them.

2- E-mails - This pisses me off no end. Might sound up my own arsey but im bloody busy alot of the time and when someone says 'I will get back to you with dates' I dont feel like I should be chasing them up, especially when alot of the time its me giving them my time for free. That really annoys me, leaving open dates for people when I could have given them dates to photographers who would love to work with me. I understand people are busy, but why dont other people understand I am pretty busy too.

3- Applications - This annoys me too... I see a post someplace online, a shoot perfect for me.. I send off a lovley message with interest and dont even get a 'no thanks'. It only takes 2 minutes to respond to someone with 2 words. I always reply to people even if they are asking me to take part in a gonzo shoot with my legs open. (dont contact me for that btw).

4 - The common cold - im Ill and moany and want a bath, I no longer have a bath in my house.. Only a shower but I could really be doing with one right now :-( I would also like a house maid to clean my room and kitchen for me.

5- I dont know what else to moan about, Im drawn to keep moaning about the first moany rant.. Im also tempted to put my 'I will never work with you again ya cunt' list on here but I dont think thats right..

Paul says I should.. and I met a mistress and she has a 'looser list' so its not unheard of.

Ok.. not full names.. fill in the gaps.

D**** B******
G***** F******
J**** M****


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  1. For once a blog entry I am happy not to be a part of (I think/hope) lol

    Hope you are feeing better ;)