Thursday, 25 June 2009

Artpunk - Day 1 :-)

Well yesterday was pretty awesome, spent it down in Contrast shooting with Paul!
We done loads (1 set is being secret at the moment though) ;)

Also had an e-mail from the wonderful Jan Murphy to let me know the interview she done with me was published on the UdA blog which is the offical fine art nude blog of Carrie Leighs nude magazine yesterday. To check it out go to HERE!

Theres lots of absoloutly fantastic artists featured in that Blog, such a good read and lots of awesome images to look through :-) think everyone should go check it out and show their love.

Only showing these four just now though.. Mainly because we have shot lots today and these are the only ones that have been edited yet haha! :-P tomorrow expect wigs and stuff. We love spending time at Castle Foz's studio, soo many props and stuff to play about with yippeee...

Much love... well.. for now


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