Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Down with the sickness!!

Grrr, I still have the cold. Doesnt seem to want to budge :-(
Little things are making my time a whole lot better though, One of my talented friends from the other side of the world done a fantastic drawing of me (see above) - absoloutly cracking artist who I cannot thank enough for taking the time to do that -click here for Artists Site

I was out at the weekend with a lovley couple doing nudes by standing stones in Perthshire, I had a great time and managed to forget about my cold. Apart from fainting once I think it went really well. Everything was shot on film so I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome of that shoot which is for an exhibition.

Heres a couple of newbies from my most recent shoot with Simon, was taken at the end of May. I really like them, yes I have similar but my body shape keeps bloody changing so these are updated versions with a slightly more fuller me :-)

Im almost all ready for my trip down south, really excited about it actually. Scared but excited :-)

Im off to Polmont again next week, then I have a few other little trips and things planned for before I leave to go to England. Not sure if I will be able to update very often but im really looking forward to it all. I have arranged everyone I want to shoot with, not a massive list. I will be down south for about a month but only planning on working with 5 or 6 people. Horray for working with new people!!! yippeee ok its 4am. BED TIME!

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