Saturday, 20 June 2009

Website update...

Well Pauls been a busy boy today and updated both my own website and our Joint site yippeee
New images added on my website are ones that have proberly already had an airing on blog spot already so nothing new for anyone too see however the ones on our joint site are pretty much all new - CLICKY HERE FOR JOINT SITE

If your too lazy to click then heres a few :-)

Please dont be too harsh on these images, both Paul and I had a bad case of the cold when these were taken. Some American actually said 'I dont like her face' about one of Pauls images of me, couldnt believe it. My answer to her is 'F-off' because Im not getting a face transplate anytime soon.

My trip down south is pretty much all planned out, still all excited. Booked the hotel last night and sorted out smaller details with a couple of the people Im working with, although there was a bit of a mix up with one of them who thought I had cancelled my trip (crossed wires) so sadly I wont get to work with him on this trip but theres always next time... if I survive this one that is!

and yes.. I know my hairs a mess in the last one, thats what its like all the time.. No false advertising here anyway thats for sure!


  1. What you mean dont be harsh. I like them babe , i agree though they arent our best but that will be sorted next week x

  2. Meant to say i love the expression in the second one x