Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Last week

Well I've had an eventful week and a bitty, spent last Sunday with Phil - Lifescapes.. Who is from Lancashire. We shot in Perthshire.. I like the image above! its pretty funky. Loved the colours.

Last Thursday I spent it with a new friend whos into urban exploring, we looked like homeless people sitting with our chips so he snapped a quick picture of me.. Ended up a little sun burnt and he ended up missing the last train home.. eeeeekk...

On Friday me and Simon went down to Bent brae to work with Gavin - Hamiltonga (think thats spelt right).. We all had a great time and I got to wear boxing gloves and jump about like a diddy.. Good times!!

Following on from my last blog 'paperplate girl' this is the other stuff me and Billy - monkey twizzle got up to.. I love spending time with Billy, hes an awesome friend yey for creative pictures!

Yesterday (Tuesday) - I was up in Glasgow at Contrast with Allan then a 'warehouse' - TwentyTwenty Images, he usually shoots studio based glamour type stuff and dabbles in a bit of artistic nude. I set him the challange of going out his box, it was also slightly out of my box too if im honest! not done much glamour in the past. Was really happy with the images I have got back so far, been on an uploading spree since last night lol! I absoloutly love natural light in images and 'warehouses'.

The first shot was in contrast.. see the little window in the background? well I had a few watchers peeping in! :D Good times..


  1. I love the punk and pants one :-) hehe...that's what you should call it...or Punk IN pants!!!

  2. Another visual treat...and you are the sweetest of them all.