Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hello again :-)

Heres to the dumping ground with a couple of new pictures yey.
First shot is a self portrait. Ross Nathan Phillips had a play about with it in photoshop for me.
My pc is a buggery to use these days, I like this picture because its 'me'. Not an airbrushed version or a heavily edited version, just me.. with my freckles on show and imperfections in view... not saying I dont likea bit of skin smoothing but its nice to see a non perfect version of myself, like what I see in the mirror.

Smoking is BAD.. Really bad! but its kinda hot.
Not sure if this is exactly what I had in mind when I said 'trashy smoking shot' but I like it non the less. Just nicked these pictures off of Pauls Deviant art account lol.. Bouncy bouncy bed, again by Paul.. Me bouncing on his bed aye..
and the last shot was take at the Buff club :-)

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