Wednesday, 20 July 2011

By Request! *waves*

 Ok upon request here is a blog update, I think this has been the longest I have went without updating with something. Life has pretty much been on hold this month I know what I'm waiting for its just not coming as quickly as I was hoping it would.

Last week I did actually go out and shoot (see pictures) so I have not been totally unproductive in the last month. I was going to do some self portraits last week now the flat is empty but I kind of ended up being side-tracked and ended up cleaning the floor or something instead.

I did do some photography myself this month just not of myself. Alfie is getting so grown up, he is staying at my mums until we get the new place, he has been outside having little cat adventures :D
 As you can see I also dragged myself out at sunrise one morning :D I say dragged I was actually raring to go, I have noticed the sunsets being so gorgeous recently so I had to. Its amazing how peaceful standing on the tay bridge is at 4.30am during the week, apart from a couple of taxis I was totally alone watching the sunrise.. It was beautiful! I'm going to miss being such a close walk from the riverside but being in the country will have its own advantages, I just need to spend a few weeks hunting around for nice local locations!

Big thanks to John Mcnairn for the shoot last week, it was awesome to get out again and have a nice chilled out shoot :D the last one was a bit of a sneaky shot in the grounds of a beautiful country house. There was other people kicking about but this little scene was hidden by hedges and John was at the entrance so horray for this little spot!

I have a shoot next week which I'm really looking forward to :D next month will no doubt be another quiet one as we need to start doing the new house up and concentrating on that but I already have atleast 3 spots in the new place which are screaming to be photographed..

Anyhow thats all for now


ps - thanks Ciaran for reminding me that I actually have a blog :D