Tuesday, 26 October 2010

painting with light..

Well Simon, Rory and I had a bit of a sleep over the night before the groupshoot and at midnight I decided we should all go to a castle I had visited recently to lightpaint it. Simon is always up for a bit of torch action as is Rory so off we went, maybe not the best idea when we had to be up early the next morning but thankfully we all survived the next day (just)..

I was doing all the red flashing light bits, so totally a team effort as it was a big site to attempt to do.. Not sure if it would have been possible with just the two of us.

Anyhow, I have lots to catch up on. I was shooting last week and have been editing the pictures for the photographer (hes not too good at photoshop) still have some to do and send over to him but once im done i will post them up.

Should get to bed actually, its nearly 3am and im shooting with Craig tomorrow for a gothic clothing shop in Edinburgh..
Friday I have someone over and then on Saturday I'm off down to Glasgow for a shoot so its busy busy busy. Gutted I will miss the fashion show in Perth as we were asked to shoot 11 models for the salon but it looks like Rory will need to take on that job on his own which is a bit of a bummer but cannot be helped!

Anyhow adios amigos


Deed flowers..

Well... my birthday flowers were dying so thought we should use them as part of a shoot, this is totally not what I was intending going for, we attempted a full length nude shoot amongst the dying flowers but it didn't look right and despite Rory standing on the windowledge haphazardly it just wasn't working. Never mind, the one which looks a bit blurry is actually a mistake... the heater was causing the lens to steam and I thought it looked cool so there you go :D

As always we did shoot some nudes at the end of this but none of them have been edited yet and to be honest they are not too different to ones we have done in the past so not much point in rushing to throw them up.


My first groupshoot....

Ahh for some reason the preview of images is not coming up on my little edit screen which is a bit of a bummer really.
The group shoot went really well, Rory and I had a great time meeting everyone and it was nice going as a photographer rather than a model :)

Lynnie brought along her friend Kaz who had never modelled before "(the girl with the purple hair). I started doing some shots with her in the hallway then moved into the studio set-up and shot Lynnie.. I had lots of smoking breaks inbetween then grabbed Erica and her mate Suzie for a wee shoot, took them downstairs to the lower hall and got them rolling about on the floor :-)

Was about to pack up and spotted this 6ft gorgeous lady, asked her if she wanted a shoot to which she replied "yes yes", so took her out the back, her name was Violeta. I have never met anyone more bouncy and full of life before, she was off her head (in a good way) pulling fantastic poses and bouncing about. I would love to have her over to work with her properly sometime and she said she loved the pictures so fingers crossed I can persuade her.

I want to take a moment to mention a special someone in my blog - Allan (twentytwentyimages) is sadly departing from Scotland next month to move over to south Africa, he will be missed a great deal by me.. He is always welcome to holiday over here with us. Safe trip allan


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Chrissie met Perthshire Photographic Society...

Well this week has been not to bad actually,
I was invited down the artgallery in Perth by Dave Hunt as he was giving a live demonstration of a portrait shoot...
It was kind of surreal, I'm not shy - obviously but it was a very different experience for me to have my picture taken infront of a room full of people - I think there were maybe around 50 people but then it might have just felt like that at the time. I think my wee knees were shaking so I was glad I was seated for most of it and that the softbox didn't really light up my legs :D Was pretty cool to see the images on a big projected screen filling the wall straight after they were shot. Got to see lots of Daves prints I had never seen before of Joceline & Holly which was cool, I managed to snaffle a print of me and Joceline too so now I need to think of somewhere worthy to put it :-D Ended up in the pub with a few of the members and got chatting to one who has offered to let Rory and I play around with his old film cameras, he also develops which is awesome :D ohh and he got a shot from the back row of the demonstration taking place so he has my address and said he would send me a CD (old fashioned and has no idea how to e-mail... bless).

Had an e-mail from a very sweet lady called Catherine and she has asked to use a few of rory and Is images as inspiration for her paintings. We are thrilled and honoured that someone felt inspired enough to want to paint their own take on something we shot. We always shoot just for the sake of it, when we feel like it and just to share it with people so its nice that some images will have a use other than sitting on my blog. Can't wait to see her finished pieces and I will post a copy up here when I do and share them with you lot..

So images attached to this are -
by "James" - theres lots of images from this shoot but doing one set at a time.

Its a busy little period coming up (no complaints) -
Sunday is the groupshoot, Wednesday I'm off out with Craig shooting alternative fashion for his brothers clothing place in Edinburgh - might even make my hair all mental who knows.., Friday I have a photographer over for the afternoon doing nudes and im going to show him some lighting things and next Saturday I'm scheduled to be at contrast for the afternoon with another new photographer I have not yet worked with. Can't wait to see Con again its been too long.

After that.. well who knows.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010


For the last bog update.

Things were not loading properly..
Anyhow heres an update with another image again by Rory (yes we have been busy).
Its nice having the lights set up in the room and Rory ready to shoot anytime I fancy it. Only problem is we have shot so many times in the one corner of our room that I really can't wait till we can go elsewhere to shoot something for a change. Its pretty challenging only having about 2/3 feet to work in and trying to come up with different ideas/poses and styles.

I have some nice news to announce, I'm doing a studio day on the 27th of November up in Elgin. I'm excited for a few reasons really -

A - The studio looks bloomin cool, lots of space and light which I love. I just hope i've not become "too used" to working in a tiny corner of my bedroom...

B- Its up North - my most favouritest place in the whole entire world and its been over a year since I was that far North, Rory is coming along too so it means on the way home we can do a shoot or two :D

C- I can't wait to work with some of the folks up there, I have seen some of their past images and really liked them.. Now I just hope the studio day books out or else I wont be a happy lady.

D - It will be my first STUDIO DAY in the sense of - people booking who want to work with me, one photographer at a time and nothing like a groupshoot meat market type set up which has happened in the past.

This weekend Fox mentioned there was a networking afternoon in Perth for models and photographers... Alas he did tell me to come along but I never got invited plus theres someone attending who I really wouldn't want to be in the company of. So I decided to get my arse down to Adam Matheisons groupshoot down in Helensburgh which is also on Sunday - i'm going as a photographer alongside Rory and will help anyone with makeup/hair or anything else anyone wants to know. Should be a really good day..

Anyhow i think thats about it for my news :D


Monday, 18 October 2010

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Little green leaves

Well I'm super proud of this lot...
Its the first time I have actually looked at the makeup/styling and liked something I have produced.

So far Rory has edited these 3 - I love them

I have a few more exciting things coming up - and am now organising a workshop up in Scotland with Damian McGillicuddy, I have been wanting to work with him for awhile now but we have never got around to dates so when he asked if I would help him sort a workshop out for us both It didn't take me too long to consider it. Anyone who has not already expressed their interest then best get back to me quickly as so far its looking to be a sell out -

Date - (End of January- At a weekend)
Venue -I have my heart set on a castle and what I want I always get.
price - £195 per delegate which is for the full day (bloomin bargain really my rates alone are more than that for a full day and I can't advise/teach quite as much as Damian)- Will be fashion/Nudes.
I'm hoping to get everything booked by the end of November and will be visiting castles mid November to see which one the event will be held in..


Its after 5am, Rory is snoring at the side of me so its time for me to kick him then hope he shuts up for 5 minutes so I can get some shut eye!!


Hurm... where do I start?!

Hello :D
Chrissie has been a busy bee recently, can't remember if I mentioned it in my last blog but had a utterly fantastic session with Edinburgh based Artist Steven Hendry - His work is rather amazing and I can't wait to see how his photographs of me look on canvas! Would love to have another session with him in the future but this time model in exchange for a painting (they are seriously great). Was nice to be part of something a little different and the train ride home was actually rather enjoyable..

Yesterday I had a shoot with *James* ;-)
We went to a castle, an old limestone quarrys headquarters then done some autumn type nudes having me roll about in the golden/red leaves on the forest bed! can't believe how many images we captured and really looking forward to seeing how they turned out.. I even managed to keep my clothes on and do some fashion which makes a change..

Anyway now to all the images on this blog - they are all by Rory, just us messing about really with baby powder for the crazy hair ones.. Not exactly what I was going for but it will do for now :-)

So I suck at fashion and glamour but I'm starting to enjoy being photographed in a slightly different way...

this is in no way meant to be viewed as a serious image... we actually shot it to cheer a friend up (it cheered him up).. the other images we shot to make him smile are firmly on all our hard-drives never to see the light of day....

We shot so many images i liked, these are the ones which have been edited properly but I found a new dumping ground in the form or rorys flickr account so I quickly processed a bunch of images - not any real editing apart from the exposure/saturation
We are rubbish at picking images.. we know this so now we have a dumping ground there will be more to see :D


Monday, 4 October 2010


Well we were shooting dresses earlier - just boring pictures to send over to an mua we are working with next month to help her get some ideas and afterwards I sat on the edge of the bed and spotted in the mirror how my new bedroom lamp (its huge) lit my body so although it was 2am and rory was shattered he shot it and then I edited and here I am posting... quick off the mark tonight for a change.

I left the bedroom so I didn't wake him up.

Rory is the most modest person I have ever met and I do give him a hard time most of the time but in the past few weeks I have been bloody loving the pictures he has been doing, not only of me but the ones he done from our recent shoot with Abbie.

We have lots in the pipeline and I'm so excited that we are sharing the "pipeline" together. I think I'm feeling more inspired now than I ever have before.
The diary is slowly getting back to normal... wont say business is booming but I am n Scotland afterall and opportunities are not exactly popping up every second. Must remember to get back in touch with the people who contacted me when I was taking my break, its always the way really.. When I'm busy or not actively looking for work I get offers coming out my ears and when its quiet I spend most of my days twiddling my thumbs shooting myself haha.

I did get a rather exciting brief sent over earlier but it was too much for my brain to take in at midnight but from the quick skim read it did sound pretty funky and right up my street so looking forward to sorting out the date for that and judging from the location I'm betting it will take me away overnight.


Hiding :-)

I'm not shy but sometimes I want to hide my face, I don't really like my face all that much haha..
its 3am Rory is asleep next to me so this is a very short update..

all images as usual spur of the moment by rory


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Abbie - Showery

Woops forgot my favourite back shot... (can you tell I really like them?)..

anyhow here are some more, I don't care if the arm is over exposed in this shot.. I messed about with it and cropped it out then realised it looked better without trying to hide it.. I'm not a photographer, just someone who likes taking pictures and if they are nice then thats a bonus. I never played by the rules at school so I'm not about to start doing everything by the book now..

I then got Abbie into the bathroom, which reminds me I should clean the oil off the shower screen lol

Anyhow hope someone out there likes my pictures.. I'm not giving up the modelling anytime soon but its nice to play about at the other side of the camera and we can't wait to get Abbie over again for another shoot!

Im feeling so inspired..

next blog will be the nudes of me from a few nights ago so keep the eyes open.


Abbie - Ballet Back

Well here is a little set I done yesterday with Abbie, she came over to the flat to work with Rory and I. This is the first female model I have worked with (that I have not met or known before the shoot). It went really well. We did get lots done especially considering Rory and I were taking it in turns! I'm sure Abbie slept well when she got home.

I bloody love images, I model for them and I take pictures for them.. I love backs, I have looked at these type of images before (usually old prints) and fallen in love with them and its something I wanted to do as a model but for some reason it never really happened so I thought I would just be the photographer that way I was in control of how the image turned out lol.

I think this was my favourite set from the shoot, I didn't go mental with touching up the skin I wanted it contrasty and kind of "spooky" looking. There are a couple which are really soft and beautiful though.


Chrissie in a corset in the corner by Rory

Well Rory and I had a play about with the lights one evening, I had just got this delightful corset in so couldn't wait to shoot in it. We are needing to experiment with the shooting corsets as I have been speaking to a uber amazing designer from down south who is getting us to shoot some of her corsets for her, we are really excited and can't wait to do it. Hopefully the corsets will arrive before our week of shoots in November. We have a really exciting location and are staying at Rorys mums house which is just a massive version of our flat with white walls so it means we can play about even more with the lights and have more room to do more crazy shots.

I have a headshot planned with one of the horses too... not sure how its going to work but I'm sure it will :-)

We also shot some nudes the evening we shot these but they have not been edited yet.