Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My first groupshoot....

Ahh for some reason the preview of images is not coming up on my little edit screen which is a bit of a bummer really.
The group shoot went really well, Rory and I had a great time meeting everyone and it was nice going as a photographer rather than a model :)

Lynnie brought along her friend Kaz who had never modelled before "(the girl with the purple hair). I started doing some shots with her in the hallway then moved into the studio set-up and shot Lynnie.. I had lots of smoking breaks inbetween then grabbed Erica and her mate Suzie for a wee shoot, took them downstairs to the lower hall and got them rolling about on the floor :-)

Was about to pack up and spotted this 6ft gorgeous lady, asked her if she wanted a shoot to which she replied "yes yes", so took her out the back, her name was Violeta. I have never met anyone more bouncy and full of life before, she was off her head (in a good way) pulling fantastic poses and bouncing about. I would love to have her over to work with her properly sometime and she said she loved the pictures so fingers crossed I can persuade her.

I want to take a moment to mention a special someone in my blog - Allan (twentytwentyimages) is sadly departing from Scotland next month to move over to south Africa, he will be missed a great deal by me.. He is always welcome to holiday over here with us. Safe trip allan


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