Sunday, 3 October 2010

Chrissie in a corset in the corner by Rory

Well Rory and I had a play about with the lights one evening, I had just got this delightful corset in so couldn't wait to shoot in it. We are needing to experiment with the shooting corsets as I have been speaking to a uber amazing designer from down south who is getting us to shoot some of her corsets for her, we are really excited and can't wait to do it. Hopefully the corsets will arrive before our week of shoots in November. We have a really exciting location and are staying at Rorys mums house which is just a massive version of our flat with white walls so it means we can play about even more with the lights and have more room to do more crazy shots.

I have a headshot planned with one of the horses too... not sure how its going to work but I'm sure it will :-)

We also shot some nudes the evening we shot these but they have not been edited yet.


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