Thursday, 30 September 2010

The good news!

Apologies for leaving this a little too long, I went to the hospital last week and was thankfully told everything is ok. As you can imagine I'm delighted. I was worried my anxiety would take a few months to get restored but I have already successfully done an all day shoot since my diagnosis with the wonderful trio -Tim, Dinah and Mary.. They were fantastic to work with and I really can't wait to see their images from the day.

I have a new addition - in the form of a bit of "fluff". I think its staying, well for the time being anyway because I do feel like it adds something to images. We'll see though!

We are shooting Abbier this weekend, very excited to be working with another model and being the photographer rather than a model. I have no idea what I will be shooting yet and i'm slightly nervous but it should turn out well..

I have a few things coming up to look forward to so im sure i will be back updating very soon.

Chrissie xx

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