Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hurm... where do I start?!

Hello :D
Chrissie has been a busy bee recently, can't remember if I mentioned it in my last blog but had a utterly fantastic session with Edinburgh based Artist Steven Hendry - His work is rather amazing and I can't wait to see how his photographs of me look on canvas! Would love to have another session with him in the future but this time model in exchange for a painting (they are seriously great). Was nice to be part of something a little different and the train ride home was actually rather enjoyable..

Yesterday I had a shoot with *James* ;-)
We went to a castle, an old limestone quarrys headquarters then done some autumn type nudes having me roll about in the golden/red leaves on the forest bed! can't believe how many images we captured and really looking forward to seeing how they turned out.. I even managed to keep my clothes on and do some fashion which makes a change..

Anyway now to all the images on this blog - they are all by Rory, just us messing about really with baby powder for the crazy hair ones.. Not exactly what I was going for but it will do for now :-)

So I suck at fashion and glamour but I'm starting to enjoy being photographed in a slightly different way...

this is in no way meant to be viewed as a serious image... we actually shot it to cheer a friend up (it cheered him up).. the other images we shot to make him smile are firmly on all our hard-drives never to see the light of day....

We shot so many images i liked, these are the ones which have been edited properly but I found a new dumping ground in the form or rorys flickr account so I quickly processed a bunch of images - not any real editing apart from the exposure/saturation
We are rubbish at picking images.. we know this so now we have a dumping ground there will be more to see :D


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  1. I absolutely adore that BW side on smiling image - you look so sweet, its a whole other side to Chrissie!