Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lake District..... and a couple of old ones..

Well these images shot on the beach were taken a few months ago by Rory, I only just managed to retrieve them from the other pc. I thought we had lost them but no.
Heres a silly picture of Tim, Me and Dave H wearing my naked jumper..
I had such a fantastic time working with Tim and Dave, can't wait for Tim to come up with his friends Mary and Dinah!

This is from awhile ago to, shot by Mr Denis one of the abandoned houses I know which I haven't have much of a chance to shoot in before. I love it!
Ok so this is our 'lakedistrict' picture from Friday.
We did plan on having an evening and sunrise shoot in the beautiful lakes but we were both tired and couldn't find a hotel which was free on Friday evening we also got lost in the woods where we took this picture so it was getting dark by the time we went searching for a hotel.. We got 6 miles from Carlisle in search of a hotel and decided just to come to the best hotel of all and that was home.

There are a couple of other beauties from different spots in this forest but we have not edited them yet. I loved this one, the second I walked around the corner I told Rory to go stand on the bridge then I fired off a shot and showed him on the back of the screen what I think we should try.. Then it was my turn and this is how it turned out - Not sure if I like it in black and white or colour, I'm edging towards the colour version just because of the different shades of green and the warmth from the sun.
Not sure if I mentioned it in my past blog so I will here - I'm hoping to be in Northampton area next month, not 100% confirmed on dates - already have booked 3 of the provisional dates so far and will only be there for 5 days so if anyone else wants to work with me while I'm in the area then please get in touch.

Also I happened to win a cruise holiday and found out just before I left Scotland - as everyone who knows me will know I have bad anxiety when it comes to travelling and things, I hate planes and I don't really like boats.. In a way its like someone handing me the death sentence but I have to accept it would be rude not to and I would love to see more parts of the world and have Rory shoot me while we are away.

We leave on November 12th and are away for 8 days, I just hope my anxiety puts up with it if not then I might need a bit of a break after the holiday to get back to feeling normal again.

Right its time for me to go get some housework or something done, and unpack some bags. I have Eddie here next week staying so I don't want him falling over all the suitcases in my hallway. Think Monkia T will be here on one of them days too which will be nice!!


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  1. excellent series...conection to nature and ground...overwhelming idea