Friday, 16 July 2010

Lucky Chrissie!!

Well I have arrived in Manchester safe and sound, the apartment is pretty cool although the bathroom has see through glass so not sure I want to wee when Rory is sitting watching the news across the room.

I found out last night that I won a cruise on one of the bingo sites I play on.
We leave on the 12th of november and fly to las palmas then basically cruise around the canary islands and then go over to Morocco for the day as well as lanzarotie (wish I could spell it). Anyhow Im excited but scared at the same time. I'm sure the all inclusive food and drinks will settle me a little as well as the swimming pools, casinos and entertainment on board. Can't believe how lucky I have been.

Tomorrow is the big stockport mega artnude day with some of the most awesome artnude models around, can't wait to meet them :D Then on Sunday i have a couple of shoots lined up then on to blackpool, only got one shoot planned mid-week and the photographer was a big of a hidden gem so really excited about that.

Anyway dinner time and some pictures with Rory I think!

Stay cool all

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