Sunday, 25 July 2010

I love being away but I'm glad to be home!

Well I have returned from my week in Manchester/Warrington/Blackpool/Lake District type tour/holiday. I have lots of photos, ideally I would be putting them in order but Nick Giles seems to be slower than the other people I worked with lol. Its only been a week but I can'twait to see what we done.

So we left on Friday morning and travelled down to Manchester to our apartment, it was really funky!! The bathroom had a glass wall and wet room so ofcourse Rory and I done a little shoot, We didn't have the studio lights with us so it was all available light with hand held camera
which I know wasn't the easiest thing in the world for Rory to shoot but I think he done a fab job. There are some images from in the wet room which are a bit more glamour than I'm used to but the one image I adore from that set shows a little too much 'fluffy' so need to figure out a way to edit the fluff out haha.

The next morning I was up nice and early to take part in the artnude studio day along with -
MonikaT (Mon Model), Anita De Bauch, Allegria, Becci, Vasillisa, Lauren & my dear friend Amieboo. Amie's other half Andy_H and Rory spent the day together shooting Bella Ava.

There was some fantastic people there and it was great to work with so many new faces but I don't think group shoots are really for me. I always like getting to know people a little before the shoot and I like taking time to ensure they get something unique and eye catching and sadly I only had an hour with each group of photographers (3 at a time) so it was almost impossible to get a rap-our going with anyone. The location was really terrific but i'm not really used to not knowing who I'm working with or forgetting how many people I did work with.. I think it was about 18 or 19 but I really can't be sure. My expectations were different I guess, I expected less photographers - no more group shoots for Chrissie - Ending on a positive here are a couple of shots by the studio owner Jim Gormley who was an excellent host!

I like this one, you can see me in the backgroud working with Daf.. and Nige is also in the shot walking along :-)

I'm finding it a little tricky updating the pictures on my blog and dragging them to where I want them so going to do separate entries for the rest of the shoots I done while down south so its easier to read and view!

Chrissie x

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