Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Well its Tuesday, tis the calm before the storm.
I'm pretty busy before I go away down south but really looking forward to it.
Off to Glencoe for the day on Thursday which should be fun, the area is gorgeous and I have only worked over there a handful of times so will be nice to get back over there and discover something new.

Next week will be a mixture of shooting and packing, will also need to make sure the house is all spotless for when we get back at the end of July because we have Eddie Cheng and one of his friends coming up for a few days.

I have lots of pictures kicking about but thought I would post one I took of myself one afternoon.. Not sure if I like my editing but nevermind..

Rory and I were shooting at the weekend, well Dylan - aka Sonofthesea was video'ing us for a music video. We filmed half on Saturday and the other half last night. Can't wait to see the finished video.

I'm off again, chicken balmoral for dinner tonight :D (haggis inside chicken with peppercorn sauce)..

Adios xxx

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