Friday, 9 July 2010

Little sore legs..

Well yesterday I was out with Rob shooting in Glencoe, we had discussed shooting many moons ago but only just got around to it just now. I couldn't believe the weather, one minute it was raining heavy the next the sun was coming out. I'm rather happy it was during the summer though because there wasn't too much of a nip in the air.

I took these pictures while Rob was setting up shots in the various locations we visited.

I found this lovely flower on the harbour wall while having a quick smoking break and carried it all the way home with me...

This was just hiding down a little hill somewhere, was a bugger to get down to but well worth it. I can't seem to capture moments very well with my blackberry though so this really is not a good representation of the volume of water which was wooshing down here.

Many thanks to John for sending over a disk from my guitar shoot with him :D thought I would share another just now as I hate not posting a proper shoot picture with my blog.

I plan on having a semi-relaxing weekend, not got anything planned which is a good thing because my legs are aching a little from yesterdays climbing and whatnot.

Got a couple of shoots next week before I go away though and shooting from home for half of one of them so I will need to have a nice tidy before Mick arrives.

I think thats all for now, as usual waiting for pictures from various people..
I'm sure they will arrive.

My Manchester trip is all sorted out now, I have a couple of little shoots arranged for while I'm away (im a sucker for good photographers.. cant resist them) and Rory and I have a plan on action for our blackpool holiday - The blackpool tower and its circus and maybe some ballet if the pleasure beach has any on show at the moment.

I went all out on my budget for accommodation for while I'm in Manchester so rented a very swishy apartment for during the weekend.. The place even comes with its own Ipod and other random apple accessories (they call it an I-flat). So I had to be realistic with the blackpool part of it so wont have internet access apart from the phone so will be incommunicado unless you call me or whatever..

Right I will shut up now..

Sooo excited!!!


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