Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ed Firm - Part 1

Argg... Ok I'm doing Edd's blogs in 2 parts because of the volume of images we captured.
I kind of want to introduce Edd to everyone because I think he is a very talented photographer indeed. I spotted his profile on model mayhem shortly before leaving to go to Blackpool and decided to send him over a message asking if he would like to work with me while I was there, his reply was a big yes. He has never really worked with a 'model' before, only experimented and shot friends and the likes. I think he should totally get his name out there a bit more as I know I wouldn't be the only model who would like his images for their portfolio.

Anyhow Edd is great, I was really looking forward to working with him and I was not let down. I would give location names but to be honest I have no idea where we ended up. I just chucked on random bits of clothes - chain smoked and got on with it. We didn't really have any set ideas just went with the flow really.

These are in no order at all...Enjoy!!

Right stay tuned for part 2


  1. Chrissie ! May I publish your post on Univers d'Artistes. You're so enthusiastic, so happy. Your text is rich and the photographs very good. Please...
    where you figure as a contributing artist since a long time...

  2. Hey Chris,

    Feel free to post my blog on there.
    Hope you are well