Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Anti Lairds!

Well I'm still behind... and its getting even worse :D

Here is some shots from a little shoot I had with Rory recently, he had the week off work so we went to explore a location which is fairly close (although takes a good few hours to get around).

I've had the beautiful Artemis staying with me recently while she was on tour up in Scotland, we had a wicked time and got to work with each other this time around HURRAY!

Such a talented/ beautiful and super lovely person :D Can't wait till her next visit.

Oh and seeing as I am here and attempting to get rid of the backlog here is some shots I took of myself (assisted by Rory holding a fan).

I know lots of people probably wont like them (or perhaps I am doubting myself) but ya'know what, they came out exactly as I imagined so I'm super happy with them.

Phew I can't believe how warm its been this week in Scotland, seriously. I was in the sea on Friday and standing under a heavy fresh water waterfall yesterday and it felt amazing :D


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