Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wowzers its almost been a month...

Since I last updated my blog *slaps own wrists*.

My only excuse is I have been quite busy  - I guess thats a decent enough excuse.

I have one tab open with my last blog update to see where I'm up to. Not helping overly much because I feel like the last set of images were taken months ago when in reality it was only a few weeks ago.

I had quite a fun shoot last week, one of my old friends got in touch asking us to come down and take some images for him (he is a personal trainer).. He done so much for me in years gone by the only answer was "yes". I have to admit the evening before the shoot Rory and I had went on a 6 hour shoot/walk (I will eventually edit some images from it and post them up at somepoint soon) and I was shattered, I looked in all my clothing drawers/wardrobes and couldn't really find anything that looked like I was a "gym" person.. Infact I had only ever visited a gym once before, and that didn't count because all I did was walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes while browsing Facebook.

So I had my female "hissy fit/ diva" attitude where everything I tried on looked shit and then I decided I was a big shit and not any use as a fitness model because of my shitty'ness. I remember the last time I had a similar "huff" before going to work with mum a few years ago, my hair looked shit/ my makeup looked shit - then I started crying for no reason which meant my makeup looked even more shit. The only thing which pulled me out of my mood was the strange noises which were coming out my mouth I actually sounded just like a child having a temper tantrum which made me laugh then pull myself together and get my arse to work. Thankfully the pre fitness shitty feeling didn't elicit quite as much of a tantrum as my previous one.

I'm pleased to say I had a wonderful time and Gary was superb at showing me the equipment and how best to use it. I always thought I was quite strong but really my puny arms are pathetic at lifting things and my coordination is appalling. I did feel quite good after it though, that might have been because I had a fun day and got to catch up with Gary rather than the after effects of the gym.

I think you can tell which shots were the "outtakes" :D

The first shot is actually one of the last shots of the day! what a commercial expression.

After our time at the gym we popped over to see Valentina Velvet and her little family. Jaxon was adorable, I'm not getting all broody but kids are kind of cool I guess. I still prefer cats though :-P

I have just realised I really need to get my editing fingers out my backside, I also have a few batches of images sent to me from some kind photographers but 1 set is still on a disk, the others all need re-sized so I will leave them for another day.


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